DIGIMON ADVENTURE 02 Mailer & Accessories

DIGIMON ADVENTURE 02 Mailer & Accessories (デジモンアドベンチャー02 メーラー&アクセサリー集) is a piece of Digimon Merchandise which was released in Japan during the orginal run of Digimon Adventure 02. It was a Japanese langauage piece of software for Windows 95/95 which added Digimon stationary and notepaper to your e-mail client.


The world of "Digimon Adventure 02" has become an email software. The more you use the mailer. the more you'll want to send it! It will be fun to use the computer every day


  • Mailer: You can send emails using Digimon characters notepaper. The more you use it, the more types of stationery and stamps you will have.
  • Mini games: Maze game - drag Submarimon to the goal without any obstacles.
  • Desktop Accessories: Lots of Digimon Screensavers, icons and Wallpaprs. Decorate your computer with Digimon.
  • Desktop characters: Buimon, Agumon and Gabumon are fun desktop characters that run around your computer screen. You can control your Digimon just by clicking on them.

The orginal Price was 3,800 yen and its ISBN4-89090-472-7


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