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03 Supreme Evolution
"Digimon Hurricane Landing!!/Transcendent Evolution!! The Golden Digimentals"
デジモンハリケーン上陸!! / 超絶進化!! 黄金のデジメンタル
(Dejimon Harikēn Jouriku!! / Chouzetsu Shinka!! Ougon no Digimentaru)
Airdate (Ja:) July 8, 2000
(En:) October 6, 2000
(En:) TBA (Re-dub)
Written by (Ja:) Reiko Yoshida
(En:) Jeff Nimoy, Bob Buchholz
Directed by (Ja:) Shigeyasu Yamauchi
Toei Animation
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The DigiDestined kids discover another one of their kind living in the United States, but his Digimon has fallen victim to a powerful computer virus.


The story involves the Digimon Adventure 02 DigiDestined taking a much-needed hiatus from battling the Digimon Emperor, but being swept up in the plight of Willis and his Digimon, leading to a trip to the U.S.A. in order to help Willis put an end to the menace hanging over his head.

As a child, Willis recieved two twin Digimon, a Gummymon and a Kokomon. But one day Kokomon mysteriously disappeared without a trace, returning later as the ruthless Endigomon, who is later revealed to have been abducted and corrupted by a rogue viral program.

T.K. and Kari are the first ones to encounter Endigomon in New York City while they are visiting Mimi; he kidnaps Mimi, who disappears before T.K. and Kari's eyes, along with the rest of the older DigiDestined, secreting them in a pocket dimension to be de-aged. Willis eventually explains his connection to Endigomon and that Endigomon wants to see Willis again, which was why the Digimon kidnapped the older DigiDestined—because they, like him, have Digivices.

But when Willis refused to go with Endigomon after it swiped Terriermon away, the monster evolved to Antylamon, and then Kerpymon, de-aging Willis and the younger DigiDestined as well. Willis figured out that his Digimon's urge for things to go back to the way there were literally meant to make Willis a kid again. In this battle, Kari and T.K. gave Willis and Davis the Golden Digi-Eggs, allowing Veemon and Terriermon to golden armor digivolve to Magnamon and Rapidmon, respectively. After the battle, Kerpymon was defeated and the older DigiDestined reappeared at the points were they had disappeared from. In the end, Willis discovered that his Digimon is still alive after the fight, ready to be reborn from a Digi-Egg.



Voice Actor Role(s)
Reiko Kiuchi Daisuke Motomiya
Junko Noda V-mon
Rio Natsuki Miyako Inoue
Kōichi Tōchika Hawkmon
Megumi Urawa Iori Hida, Armadimon
Kae Araki Hikari Yagami
Yuka Tokumitsu Tailmon
Taisuke Yamamoto Takeru Takaishi
Miwa Matsumoto Patamon
Nami Miyahara Wallace
Aoi Tada Gummymon
Mamiko Noto Chocomon (Baby)
Tomomichi Nishimura Chocomon (Adult)
Yuko Mizutani Sora Takenouchi
Youto Kazama Yamato Ishida
Umi Tenjin Kōshirō Izumi
Ai Maeda Mimi Tachikawa
Masami Kikuchi Jō Kido
Kensuke Ōta Driver
Toshiko Fujita Taichi Yagami

Featured characters[]

(Numbers indicate order of appearance. Bolded characters are fought by the protagonist(s), and italicized characters feature non-explicitly, e.g. voice, silhouette, image.)

Humans In-Training Rookie Champion Ultimate Mega Armor


(Number indicates order of occurrence.)

Veemon 1 DemiVeemon 2 Veemon 3 Flamedramon 6 Veemon 7 Raidramon
Veemon b Arrow R Red DemiVeemon b Arrow R Veemon b Arrow R Flamedramon b Arrow R Red Veemon b Arrow R Raidramon b
DigiEgg of Courage b DigiEgg of Friendship b

Raidramon 8 Veemon 13 Flamedramon 21 Veemon 31 Magnamon 34 Veemon
Raidramon b Arrow R Red Veemon b Arrow R Flamedramon b Arrow R Red Veemon b Arrow R Magnamon b Arrow R Red Veemon b
DigiEgg of Courage b DigiEgg of Miracles b
Terriermon 4 Gargomon 5 Terriermon 12 Gargomon 22 Terriermon 32 Rapidmon (Armor) 34 Terriermon
Terriermon (Adventure) t Arrow R Gargomon b Arrow R Red Terriermon (Adventure) t Arrow R Gargomon b Arrow R Red Terriermon (Adventure) t Arrow R Rapidmon (Armor) b Arrow R Red Terriermon (Adventure) t
DigiEgg of Destiny b

Poromon 9 Hawkmon 15 Halsemon 17 Poromon 18 Hawkmon 25 Poromon
Poromon b Arrow R Hawkmon b Arrow R Halsemon b Arrow RR Red Poromon b Arrow R Hawkmon b Arrow R Red Poromon b
DigiEgg of Love b

Upamon 9 Armadillomon 14 Digmon 19 Upamon 20 Armadillomon 26 Upamon
Upamon b Arrow R Armadillomon b Arrow R Digmon b Arrow RR Red Upamon b Arrow R Armadillomon b Arrow R Red Upamon b
DigiEgg of Knowledge b

Endigomon 11 Antylamon (Evil) 16 Kerpymon (Evil) 33 Kerpymon (Good)
Wendigomon b Arrow R Antylamon (Evil) b Arrow R Cherubimon (Evil) b Arrow R Blue Cherubimon (Good) b

Patamon 23 Angemon 27 Seraphimon 29 Patamon
Patamon b Arrow R Angemon b Arrow RR Seraphimon b Arrow RR Red Patamon b

Gatomon 23 Angewomon 28 Magnadramon 29 Gatomon
Gatomon (Ringless) t Arrow R Angewomon b Arrow R Magnadramon b Arrow RR Red Gatomon (Ringless) t


"His stage name is 'The DigiDestined Formally Known As Matt.'"

Kari as the narrator of Digimon: The Movie.

"They even have the same personality: obnoxious."

Kari on the similarities between Tai and Davis.

"I was in New York with T.K., partly to visit Mimi and partly to make Davis jealous."

Kari on the reason she and T.K. went alone to New York.

"I hate it when I'm right."

Kari on the mysterious happenings in New York.

"My soles are worn out, and I don't even wear shoes."

Terriermon on walking to Colorado.

"I don't suppose you could turn into a glass of lemonade, too, could you?"

Willis on Terriermon providing shade.

"No! No more uncles, no more horses, no more trains, no more planes! It's gotta STOP!"

Davis's frustration about Yolei's uncles and their means of transportation.

"In America, they have Digimon by the truckload!"

Cody after first meeting Terriermon.

Cody: "I see you've done this before."
Willis: "They'll be here in two minutes or it's free."

—Cody and Willis on conning the pizza delivery people.

"All right. If I'm paying for it, I get the first half. And, I get the second half, too."

Davis's logic.

"One small detail. Who is that? And why is he attacking us?!"

Davis questioning Willis about Kokomon.

"Huh? He's got pants now."

Willis seeing Gargomon for the first time.

Upamon: "It's a big gust of wind!"
Cody: "No, it's Davis!"
Yolei: "Same difference."

—Upamon, Cody, and Yolei as Davis and Willis finally make it to Colorado.

"What?!! What do you mean, 'Kari's not here yet'?!!"

Davis finding out that T.K. and Kari did not make it to Colorado, effectively shocking Yolei and Terriermon.

Willis: "I have to do this by myself. I need to be alone."
Davis: "Great, I'll go with you."

—David is oblivious as usual.

Willis: "I'm the one with the problem, not you. Get over it."
Davis: "Okay!"
Willis: "That was fast."

—Willis proves highly successful in calming a crying Davis.

Willis: "I've never been on a team. Anything I should know?"
Davis: "Yeah, I'm the only one that can kiss Kari."

—Davis's number one rule of being in the group.

"He has a lot of issues."

Davis on Kokomon's lack of anger management.

"Digmon could be a little more animated."

Cody breaking the fourth wall.

"I think I strained something trying to digivolve."

Veemon after being forced to revert from Champion level to In-Training to Rookie.

Willis: "This is my fault."
Davis: "Why? Are you the one who taught him to juggle?"

—Willis and Davis watching their Digimon being juggled by Kokomon.

"Before you know it, we'll be changing diapers!"

Angewomon, concerned by the de-aging DigiDestined.

"Is that the coolest thing you've ever seen or what?"

Gatomon on the Golden Armor Digivolutions.

Davis: "Hey! What did I tell you about kissing Kari? She's my girl!"
Kari: "What do you mean, 'your girl'?!"

—Davis gets mad at Willis, Kari gets mad at Davis.

Other notes[]

Continuity errors

  • During the beach scene, Veemon is shown in his Rookie form, yet immediately after this, he is shown in his In-Training form, DemiVeemon, and remains so for the rest of the scene. This is made worse in the English dub as he is shown first as Veemon, then as DemiVeemon, then as Veemon again.
  • In the English version, at the end, Willis phones his mother to inform her that he is "back on the island [of Manhattan]". However, the scene is set in the countryside with mountains in the background.
  • Gatomon is able to digivolve into Angewomon, despite not having regained the ability to digivolve into her Ultimate level at this point in the series.
    • Furthermore, it is left unexplained how Angemon and Angewomon gained the ability to digivolve into their Mega forms.

Dubbing changes

  • This movie is presented in the English dub as the third and final part of Digimon: The Movie.
  • This movie was heavily edited for the English Dub, to make it fit in with the last two Digimon movies, which were all shown as one movie with one main story. As a result, it was shortened by about 30 minutes.
  • The original film spoke of an unknown virus which took over Kokomon, whilst the English Dub makes it out to be the same virus from the last film, Our War Game!, which Willis was said to have created (again, he had nothing to do with it originally).
  • In the Japanese version, Willis lives in Summer Memory, in the English dub, the town he lives is never specified other than being in Colorado.
  • The main footage cut out of the English film is of the older DigiDestined kids being kidnapped and regressed by Kokomon. This was actually an important part to the plot and one of the driving forces behind the kids needing to defeat Kokomon. Parts of this footage are used in the English dub merely to show what the older kids are doing in the present day, and the box for the VHS copy of the movie retains a mention to this plot point.
  • The laptop that T.K. and Kari hold in their possession belongs to Mimi, who is taken by Kokomon right before their eyes. In the English movie, Mimi never appears and her laptop is shown as if to belong to one of the other kids.
  • When T.K. and Kari are on the train, a moment is cut out of the English dub when the other people in the carriage are made to disappear by Endigomon, explaining why no one else is on the train after it stops.
  • The English dub suggests that the DigiDestined travel to and across America by means of Yolei's various uncles, whereas in the original they seem to travel completely independently.
  • In the English dub, Willis orders a pizza by phone so the group can hitchhike further, whereas Cody simply flags down a car in the original, and the scene of Willis on the phone features later on, where he's talking to his mother.
  • Footage of Terriermon and Veemon flying through the air and crashing into a sign was moved in the English dub to make it look like part of a fight with Endigomon. Originally, the footage was shown after the fight.
  • After Davis and Willis catch up with the rest of the group and after their conversation on the bridge, footage is removed from the English dub showing the whole group hitchhiking on the back of another truck.
  • When Terriermon is nearly hit by Kerpymon's attack, footage is removed of him degenerating to Gummymon and digivolving back to Terriermon.
  • Original footage from the final battle with Endigomon, before he digivolves, is removed from the English dub, though some of the footage is used lightheartedly at the end of the movie to show Endigomon as if he were dancing.
  • The final battle with Kerpymon originally features many more violent scenes.
  • When Davis breaks down in tears, the English dub shortens the moment and makes it out to be a joke. Though, originally, Davis is genuinely crying, over the idea of having to fight his own partner Digimon, as Willis explains he must do. But in both the original and dubbed versions, Willis jokes about how fast Davis gets over being sad.
  • Willis' mom is also mentioned a lot more in the original. She was apparently the one who found the Digi-Egg Willis' twin Digimon hatched out of, while browsing on the internet.
  • In the original version of the movie, after Willis finds the Digi-Egg, the only sign that it hatched is a still from the ending which depicts Willis, Terriermon, and Lopmon. The dub version instead depicts Endigomon after showing the Digi-Egg, with the only references to Lopmon instead being in the movie poster and the promotional cards released with the movie.

Digimon references

  • In the English dub, Endigomon's "Club Arm" attack is named "Cable Crusher", to match Diaboromon's technique.

Real-world references

  • Willis and Terriermon walk past a sign displaying what appears to be the logo for the oil company Shell.
  • T.K. and Kari travel on a train featuring the old logo for Amtrak, a well-known rail service provider across the United States.
  • While Davis is complaining about Yolei's uncles, he runs in front of a billboard for the Mazda MPV.
  • The Pizza Man's truck is a Mazda B-Series Truck.
  • Interstate 90 is featured in the movie as Willis/Wallace and Davis were trekking along the interstate in South Dakota en-route to Colorado

Miscellaneous trivia

  • Willis, being American, can be heard speaking English in the original Japanese movie. Though, he speaks fluent Japanese when talking to the other kids (which he says he learnt from his girlfriend), and to Terriermon, who doesn't seem to speak English despite having lived in the United States with Willis for a few years. The English dub gives no mention of any language barrier.
  • This film was the longest of the Digimon movies created by Toei Animation in Japan. The original running time was about 70 mins (the rest of the movies were between 20-50 mins).
  • In Japan, the film was actually split into two parts. Digimon Hurricane Landing!! refers to the first part, and Transcendent Evolution!! The Golden Digimentals refers to the second part.
  • Digimon: The Movie, which featured this movie as part of it, was released in North America one day before the episode Storm Of Friendship was due to air. In Japan, this movie featured (by itself) before the episode Big Trouble in Little Edo, which happens to be when the group change their normal clothes to those worn in this movie.
  • T.K's primary outfit in Digimon Adventure 02 was altered in the movie from long sleeves to short sleeves.
  • Yolei's outfit in the movie is combination between her summer outfit and her main outfit in Digimon Adventure 02.
  • Summer Memory is the first fictional Real World location introduced in the Digimon anime.
  • Davis's e-mail is "daisuke@biglobe.ne.jp".