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The Digimon Adventure: Novel (デジモンアドベンチャー小説 Dejimonadobenchaa Shōsetsu?) is an official novelization of the anime Digimon Adventure. They are written by the show's director, Hiroyuki Kakudou, and one of the screenwriters, Hiro Masaki. The novel consists of three parts. Characters, both good and evil, are preserved. But the plot situations may vary. The novels provide finer detail of the characters' thoughts, backgrounds, and much more that were only glossed over in the anime.

Digimon Adventure: Part 1 ~Now The Adventure Begins~

Digimon Adventure Novel Cover 1

Book 1 Cover

  1. Prologue
  2. Chapter 1 : Drifting Ashore
# Content
1 That Summer
2 On The Other Side of the Aurora
3 Mysterious Animals
4 Attack of the Kuwagata Monster
5 Where Are We?

3.Chapter 2 : File Island

# Content
1 Black Gears
2 The Deceptive Mansion
3 The Village of Beginnings
4 Chosen Children
5 Light and Dark

4.Chapter 3 : Escape of the Desert

# Content
1 Server Continent
2 The Crest of Courage
3 Access
4 The Pyramid's Trap
5 Taichi's Trial
6 Perfect Level Evolution, MetalGreymon

5.Digimon Adventure Character Catalog


Digimon Adventure: Part 2 ~The Eighth Chosen Child~

Digimon Adventure Novel Cover 2

Book 2 Cover

1.Prologue – In A Remote Cabin

2.Chapter 4 : The Lake of Separation

# Content
1 Temp Lake
2 The Amusement Park of Goodbyes
3 PicoDevimon's Trap
4 The Restaurant By the Lake Shore
5 The Town of People

3.Chapter 5 : Vamdemon's Castle

# Content
1 The Inquisitive Heart
2 Karaoke Princess
3 The Secret of the Crests
4 Gennai's Underwater Mansion
5 Operation Invade the Real World

4.Chapter 6 : Tokyo

# Title
1 August 1, 1999
2 Night
3 Shibuya-type Digimon
4 Encounter
5 Two Crests

5.Digimon Adventure Keyword File

6.Digimon Adventure Monster File


Digimon Adventure: Part 3 ~Our Adventures Are Not Over Yet~

Digimon Adventure Novel Cover 3

Book 3 Cover


2.Chapter 7 : August 2, 1999

# Content
1 Memories of Hikarigaoka
2 Ambush
3 Barrier of Darkness
4 The Captured People
5 A Chance Meeting at Tokyo Bay
6 Escape from Big Sight
7 Leaving Only a Smile Behind
8 Ultimate Level
9 Once More to the Digital World

3.Chapter 8 : The Dark Masters

# Content
1 Spiral Mountain
2 The Unmerciful Sea
3 A Falling Out Among Friends
4 The Forest of Hatred

4.Chapter 9 : The Last Enemy

# Content
1 The Wall of Fire
2 Collapse of the Cities
3 Mimi's Battle
4 The Darkness Within the Heart
5 The True Enemy
6 The Last Battle
7 A New World
8 And So, the End of Summer


6.Digimon Adventure Monster File


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