Digimon Adventure:
Character Song + Mini Drama 3

NECA-30010 f

NECA-30010 b

Catalog Number: NECA-30010
Format: Soundtrack
Release Date: January 7, 2000
Price: ¥ 2800

Digimon Adventure: Character Song + Mini Drama 3 (デジモンアドベンチャー キャラクターソング+ミニドラマ3 Dejimon Adobenchā: Kyarakutā Songu + Mini Dorama 3?) is the third Drama CD set in the Digimon Adventure universe.


The Year's First Dream was stolen! (Part 1)

The DigiDestined talk about how none of them had their first dreams. So Matt, T.K., Gabumon and Patamon decide to investigate the matter. They discover that they aren't the only ones who hadn't had first dreams. No one in all of Tokyo has had their first dream! As they wonder why is this happening, a Bakumon suddenly appears and tells them that no one has their first dream, because he has eaten them all! Then he attacks the group with his "Nightmare Syndrome"

The Year's First Dream was stolen! (Part 2)

Suddenly, they appear in a park, Matt starts to hear Patamon's voice crying out for help. But all he sees is a kite caught on a telephone line. Then, the kite turns out to be Patamon. And Matt discovers that Patamon isn't the only one that has changed, T.K. is a cat and Gabumon is a lion head. They then realize that this is the dream that T.K. had last night. T.K. says that Patamon is a kite because he always keep telling T.K. how he wants to soar high in the skies. And Gabumon is a lion head because he looks like one! Bakumon says they will be stuck in T.K.'s dream forever. Gabumon and Patamon can't digivolve in these forms. Matt figures out that since it is T.K.'s dream, whatever he wants will happen. T.K.'s first try gives them a lot of new year's money. His second try gives them a load of mochi. His third try has everyone turn back to normal, so the Digimon digivolve into Garurumon and Angemon. And they beat Bakumon.

New Year's Digimon Performance

All of the Digimon do impressions for the DigiDestined. Agumon breathes fire. Gabumon takes off his fur. Palmon speaks like a cactus. Tentomon speaks without his accent. Biyomon makes bird and train sounds. Gomamon pretends to be a seal and walrus. Gatomon chases her tail. Patamon burns a mosquito-repellent inside of its mouth. The kids then fight over who's partner did the best impression. When nobody likes Agumon's impression, he gets mad and dark digivolves into SkullGreymon.

Track listing

# Title Artist Length
1. "Butter-Fly" (TV version) Kōji Wada 1:37
2. Drama: "The Stolen Hatsuyume!" (Part 1)
(盗まれた初夢! Mumareta Hatsuyume!?)
3. Matt's theme: "Walk on the Edge" Yūto Kazama 3:20
4. Drama: "The Stolen Hatsuyume!" (Part 2)
(盗まれた初夢! Mumareta Hatsuyume!?)
5. T.K.'s theme: "Be All Right..." Hiroko Konishi 5:13
6. Drama: "New Year's Digimon Performance"
(新春デジモン演芸 Shinshan Dejimon Engei?)
7. "Evolution through Guts!"
(進化でガッツ! Shinka de Gattsu!?)
Digimon singers 5:13
8. "keep on" (TV version) Ai Maeda 1:43
9. "Walk on the Edge" Original Karaoke 3:22
10. "Be All Right..." Original Karaoke 5:13
11. "Evolution through Guts!"
(進化でガッツ! Shinka de Gattsu!?)
Original Karaoke 5:11

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