Digimon Adventure:
Character Song + Mini Drama 1

NECA-30008 f

NECA-30008 b

Catalog Number: NECA-30008
Format: Soundtrack
Release Date: November 5, 1999
Price: ¥2800

Digimon Adventure: Character Song + Mini Drama 1 (デジモンアドベンチャー キャラクターソング+ミニドラマ1?) is the first Drama CD set in the Digimon Adventure universe.


SOS! 5th-year Class A

While Sora and Tai are in their home ec class, they are cutting potatoes. Because of Tai's wrong way of cutting them, Sora takes his potatoes to cut them herself. Then Tai goes to 'fool around' and he does that by telling Agumon to digivolve. But Agumon only keeps spinning then stops when the two of them are interrupted by Sora. Suddenly the potatoes start to dance and sing, and they march out of the school. Tai, Sora, Agumon and Biyomon go after them. The potatoes cross Rainbow Bridge but the group can't follow them anymore because of a bulletin board posted in front of the entrance that says "Do not cross at this end". Tai "digivolves" into IKKYUU-SAN and sits in lotus position and starts to meditate. Then he comes up with an answer to their problem: Instead of crossing at the end, they can just cross in the middle! And he turns back to Tai. On the bridge they run into an ultimate Digimon called Jagamon who is responsible for the potato problem. Agumon and Biyomon digivolve into MetalGreymon and Garudamon and they defeat him and get the potatoes back. Sora tells Tai that he'll carry the potatoes back to school.

Sora Takenouchi's "Heartbeat Yellow Card!"'

Sora is doing announcements over her school's intercom. She starts by introducing herself. Then she starts to read a letter sent by Kari that says that she is a fan of Atori Shigematsu, Biyomon's Japanese voice actress, and she states that she pronounces her as "Kachou-san" (Because her first name is written with the kanji "flower" and "bird") and Biyomon says it's pronounced "Atori". Sora then reads a letter from Mimi who asks Sora where she bought her hat. Sora giggles and tells her that she doesn't know. Then she ends her broadcast by introducing the next track, Ashita wa Motto.

Jō Makes His Singing Debut!?

In part one, Joe is battling a digimon that's attacking Odaiba. Gomamon digivolves into Ikkakumon and defeats it. Everyone starts to praise and compliment him. Then a man comes up to him and introduces himself as a representative from NEC Interchannel. Before he can finish what he was saying however, Joe immediately thinks that he is getting a singing debut! Then he and Gomamon start thinking about what songs he should do in track two. But then the representative states that he wants Izzy and Mimi to star in the next CD drama, and that he is thinking about casting Kari as well in a love triangle. Joe gets shocked and angry.

Track listing

# Title Artist Length
1. "Butter-Fly" (TV version) Kōji Wada 1:38
2. Drama: "SOS! 5th-year Class A"
(SOS!5年A組 SOS! 5-nen A-kumi?)
3. Tai's theme: "I'll Use My Courage as Wings"
(勇気を翼にして Yuuki wo Tsubasa ni Shite?)
Toshiko Fujita 4:53
4. Drama: "Sora Takenouchi's 'Heartbeat Yellow Card!'"
Takenouchi Sora no "Tokimeki Ierō Kādo?)
5. Sora's theme: "Tomorrow Will Be More"
(明日はもっと Ashita wa Motto?)
Yūko Mizutani 4:59
6. Drama: "Jō Makes His Singing Debut!?" (Part 1)
Jō ga Kasha Debyū!??)
7. Joe's theme: "I Am a Different Me" (違う僕がいる Chigau Boku ga Iru?) Masami Kikuchi 3:52
8. Drama: "Jō Makes His Singing Debut!?" (Part 2)
Jō ga Kasha Debyū!??)
9. "I wish" (TV version) Ai Maeda 1:43
10. "I'll Use My Courage as Wings"
(勇気を翼にして Yuuki wo Tsubasa ni Shite?)
Original Karaoke 4:53
11. "Tomorrow Will Be More"
(明日はもっと Ashita wa Motto?)
Original Karaoke 5:00
12. "Chigau Boku ga Iru" (違う僕がいる? lit. "I Am a Different Me") Original Karaoke 3:53

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