Digimon Adventure (デジモンアドベンチャー Dejimon Adobenchā?) is the first season of the anime saga Digimon: Digital Monsters. Its premise involves a group of boys and girls being whisked to a parallel reality called the Digital World, sometimes called "DigiWorld" for short, while at summer camp. They were taken there because they were chosen to become DigiDestined, the children that would save the Digital World (along with Earth near the end of the series) from the evil forces that threatened to destroy it. Each of the children received a Digimon partner who was preprogrammed to be bonded to them, as well as miniature devices called Digivices. With the power of the Digivices, their Digimon partners could become stronger forms to battle enemies or save their partners from danger. The series is available to be streamed on Hulu and Hoopla.

An RPG-retelling of the series was released on the PSP as part of Digimons fifteenth anniversary.

A reboot anime series titled Digimon Adventure: began airing on April 5, 2020.


The original pitch for Digimon Adventure featured Jijimon summoning a 5th grade boy named Yūsuke (雄介?) to the Digital World due to his skill in raising Digimon on his v-pet. The evil organization known as Croana (クロアナ Kuroana?) planned to destroy both the Digital and Human Worlds, and so it would be Yūsuke's job to raise a Digimon army to stop them. As his journey with the Digimon army went on, he would eventually realise that rather than him teaching the Digimon - they were teaching him.[1]

Plot summary[]

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Traveling to the Digital World was an experience that leaves the children bewildered. Their Digimon partners are suddenly thrust upon them, as well as the concept of having the Digimon digivolve into stronger creatures, and so the children have to find out how to be DigiDestined as they go along. They quickly learn of the Digital World's plight, and how evil Digimon are intent on ruling it for themselves. Although they originally fight just to return home, they eventually vow to save the Digital World for the sake of their Digimon friends. As the plot evolves, the children deal with various aspects of maturity: making friends, being courageous, standing for one's morals, etc. Each child receives an object called a "Crest" that embodies a particular trait that defines them, whose power could be used to digivolve their partners to the next level. Taichi "Tai" Kamiya has Courage, Yamato "Matt" Ishida has Friendship, Sora Takenouchi has Love, Mimi Tachikawa has Sincerity, Koushiro "Izzy" Izumi has Knowledge, Joe Kido has Reliability, and Takeru "T.K." Takaishi has Hope. It is later revealed that the children were chosen to become DigiDestined during the battle between Greymon and Parrotmon, and that their Crests represent the positive personality traits that they most strongly evinced at that time.

Eventually, an army of evil Digimon led by Myotismon crossed through a dimensional gate from the Digital World to enter Earth. The DigiDestined and their partners followed. Specifically, they landed in Odaiba, Japan, the children's home town. As the DigiDestined battled on Earth, they were joined by an eighth member, Kari Kamiya, Tai's sister and carrier of the trait of Light. While this was happening, a group of four Mega level Digimon called the Dark Masters besieged the Digital World. Once things were taken care of on Earth, the eight DigiDestined returned to the Digital World once again in order to defeat the Dark Masters one by one, and eventually their real enemy, Apocalymon, the Digimon who made all of the evil Digimon the DigiDestined had previously destroyed. When Apocalymon was defeated, the children went back to the Real World, leaving their Digimon partners behind.


Digimon Adventure aired 54 episodes on Fuji TV in Japan from March 7, 1999 to March 26, 2000. In the United States it aired on Fox Kids from August 14, 1999 to June 24, 2000. In the United Kingdom, it was aired on Fox Kids and CITV. In Germany, Digimon Adventure aired on RTL II from August 14, 2000 to July 7, 2001[citation needed]. It Brazil, it aired on TV Globo from 2000[citation needed]. In the Philippines, It was aired on ABS-CBN from June 2, 2000 to July 27, 2001[citation needed]. The series aired on the european Tv channels free to air such as Rai[citation needed] in Italy and TVE in Spain[citation needed]. In Slovenia the series aired on TV SLO 1 from summer 2002.[citation needed] In Italy the Rome’s based Rai to broadcast the series from September 2000.[citation needed]


The English version of Digimon Adventure was somewhat unique at the time it was dubbed. Most anime dubbed in the 1990s changed the names of characters and locales for the sake of localization. In Digimon, however, most names of the DigiDestined remained unchanged or were shortened to Americanized nicknames. Some Digimon names were modified into English equivalents, and in rare cases to Japanese equivalents.

When it was aired, the English Dub in the Philippines, in the early 2000's was produced by the broadcasting company, ABS-CBN, and most names of the DigiDestined remained unchanged but the Digimon names remained in Japanese equivalents. The characters' voices in the Filipino-English Dub are in a teenage-like matured voice except for both T.K. and Kari rather than the ones heard in the original English dub. The Digimon also have different accents during the dub as Greymon, Angemon and Birdramon and their Ultimate forms have been voiced by the female voice actresses in contrast for being voiced by the male voice actors in the original English Dub. Therefore, both Tokomon and Patamon are also voiced by a male voice actor instead of being voiced by the female voice actress in the same dub. When the Digimon digivolves from In-Training, Rookie and Champion forms they would say "changes" rather than "Digivolve to" but when transforming into their Ultimate forms they would say "Digivolves". Both Agumon and Gabumon's transformation to their Mega forms they would say "Digiwarp" in contrast in saying "Warp Digivolve". The Digimon's abilities remained in the Japanese equivalents as well as the Digimon status from Izzy's laptop being spoken by the narrator rather than Izzy who spoke about the Digimon's status in the original English Dub. This was later re-aired in Animax.

In the sequel, Digimon Adventure 02, it initially retains the Filipino-English language from the previous season until the middle part of the series, where they now speak actual Tagalog due to switching dubs from English to their native language, Filipino.

Main characters[]

Character Voice actor Digimon Voice actor
Agumonandtai Taichi "Tai" Kamiya
Taichi Yagami (八神 太一 Yagami Taichi?)
(En:) Joshua Seth
(Ja:) Toshiko Fujita
Agumon (アグモン?)
(En:) Tom Fahn
(Ja:) Chika Sakamoto
The adventurous leader of the DigiDestined and the older brother of Kari Kamiya. Characterized as being stubborn and thick-headed, but brave, funny, affectionate and very protective of his sister and friends.
Gabumonmatt Yamato "Matt" Ishida
Yamato Ishida (石田 ヤマト Ishida Yamato?)
(En:) Michael Reisz
(Ja:) Youto Kazama
Gabumon (ガブモン?)
(En:) Kirk Thornton
(Ja:) Mayumi Yamaguchi
The "lone wolf" of the group and the older brother of T.K. Takaishi. He sometimes think Tai is too reckless, and tries to keep him from putting adventure before the team's safety.
Digimon Adventure ep04 Sora Takenouchi
Sora Takenouchi (武ノ内 空 Takenouchi Sora?)
(En:) Colleen O'Shaughnessey
(Ja:) Yuko Mizutani
Piyomon (ピヨモン?)
(En:) Tifanie Christun
(Ja:) Atori Shigematsu
Is supportive, kind and acts as a mother figure to the group. She is somewhat of a tomboy.
Tentomonandizzy Koushiro "Izzy" Izumi
Kōshirō Izumi (泉 光子郎 Izumi Kōshirō?)
(En:) Mona Marshall
(Ja:) Umi Tenjin
Tentomon (テントモン?)
(En:) Jeff Nimoy
(Ja:) Takahiro Sakurai
Is very intelligent and a logical thinker. He is also a computer expert and constantly uses his laptop.
Palmonandmini Mimi Tachikawa
Mimi Tachikawa (太刀川 ミミ Tachikawa Mimi?)
(En:) Philece Sampler
(Ja:) Ai Maeda
Palmon (パルモン Parumon?)
(En:) Anna Garduno
(Ja:) Shihomi Mizowaki
Is kind and caring, although initially slightly selfish. She is somewhat of a ditz.
Gomamonandjoe Joe Kido
Jo Kido (城戸 丈 Kido Jō?)
(En:) Michael Lindsay
(Ja:) Masami Kikuchi
Gomamon (ゴマモン?)
(En:) R. Martin Klein
(Ja:) Junko Takeuchi
Is dependable and thoughtful, though he is sometimes a worrier. He tries to act as the voice of reason within the group.
Patamonandtk Takeru "T.K." Takaishi
Takeru Takaishi (高石 タケル Takaishi Takeru?)
(En:) Wendee Lee
(Ja:) Hiroko Konishi
Patamon (パタモン?)
(En:) Laura Summer
(Ja:) Miwa Matsumoto
The youngest of the group and the younger brother of Matt. He grows from being reliant on the others to being as much of a fighter as they are.
Ep 32 Digimon Kari Kamiya
Hikari Yagami (八神 ヒカリ Yagami Hikari?)
(En:) Lara Jill Miller
(Ja:) Kae Araki
Tailmon (テイルモン Teirumon?)
(En:) Edie Mirman
(Ja:) Yuka Tokumitsu
Joined the group after the other DigiDestined and is the younger sister of Tai. She is gentle and kind, although somewhat enigmatic.

Digital World[]

The Digital World (abbreviated as "DigiWorld") is a parallel reality made from data inside Earth's communications networks. It is the place where all Digimon live, and where the DigiDestined fight the majority of their battles.

DigiWorld's data manifested into a material form via the wishes of human children. The data reformed inside another parallel universe, a "dream dimension" that has the power to turn mental desires into reality. The Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western ends of the Digital World are individually guarded by one of the four Harmonious Ones, benevolent Digimon who ensure the Digital World's well-being.

When an evil being emerged from beyond the Digital World's Wall of Fire, the Digital World's chronology was warped, throwing it out of sync with Earth, making it much older than it would be under normal circumstances—one Earth minute was equal to one Digital World day. Prophecy foretells that any time the Digital World is threatened by evil, a new group of children from each generation, called the DigiDestined, will come to the Digital World and save it. The DigiDestined for each generation were selected by a mysterious group, charged with the DigiWorld's protection. When the eight children of this generation witnessed a battle between a Greymon and a Parrotmon, the group chose them, and constructed their Digivices, Tags and Crests. A brutal attack by the Dark Masters left the whole group dead, save for Gennai, who was able to escape and hide the DigiDestineds' Digivices and seven DigiEggs until their time came. When Devimon began to take over File Island with his Black Gears, the time for the DigiDestined to be summoned came, and the Digivices were dispatched, transporting seven chosen children into the Digital World, where they battled with the evil Digimon there.

Myotismon attempted to conquer both the Digital World and Earth by killing the Eighth Child—the predestined eighth member of the DigiDestined. He opened a portal to Earth and led his army on an assault on Central Odaiba in the search for the child, who was eventually revealed to be Kari Kamiya, little sister of Taichi "Tai" Kamiya, leader of the DigiDestined. When Myotismon was finally stopped, a rift opened to the Digital World—but it had been horrifically changed. In the few days that the DigiDestined had been back on Earth, years had passed in the Digital World, and the Dark Masters had risen again, and conquered the entire world, reformatting it into the massive Spiral Mountain. When the kids defeated the Dark Masters, they were confronted with the Digimon that had made the four monstrosities—Apocalymon. Apocalymon was bent on sharing his sorrow with the rest of reality, and didn't care if he lived or died in doing so. Thankfully, the kids defeated him. With his defeat, the Digital World began to reformat itself into its original form, free of evil, also putting it back in synch with Earth-time, meaning time would move to the same pace in both worlds. After the battle with Diaboromon, Gennai called the DigiDestined back to the DigiWorld, where they released the powers of their Crests, forming a shield which restored peace to the DigiWorld, expelling all evil, but at the price that their digimon would no longer have the power to digivolve beyond the Champion level.

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Opening Theme: Butter-Fly
Artist: Kōji Wada
Songwriter: Chiwata Hidenori
Composer: Chiwata Hidenori
Arranger: Watanabe Cheru

Butter-Fly (Piano Version)
Artist: Kōji Wada
Songwriter: Chiwata Hidenori
Composer: Chiwata Hidenori
Arranger: Watanabe Cheru

Ending Theme #1: I Wish (eps. 1-26)
Artist: Ai Maeda (as AiM)
Songwriter: Yoshiko Miura
Composer: Yoshihisa Shirakawa
Arranger: Katsumi Horii

Ending Theme #2: Keep on (eps. 27-54)
Artist: Ai Maeda (as AiM)
Songwriter: NK
Composer:Kine Naoto
Arrangers: Kine Naoto & Yuasa Kouichi

Insert Song: Brave Heart (Evolution Theme Song)
Artist: Miyazaki Ayumi
Songwriter: Oomori Sachiko
Composer/Arranger: Oota Michihiko

Insert Song: Seven
Artist: Kōji Wada
Songwriter: Koyoma Kouhei
Composer: Kouhei Koyama
Arrangement: Cheru Watanabe

Insert Song: Yuuki wo Tsubasa ni Shite (eps. 38, 51)
Artist: Toshiko Fujita, as Taichi Yagami
Songwriter: Hiroshi Yamada
Composer/Arragner: Michihiko Oota

Insert Song: Seven (Acoustics Version)
Artist: Kōji Wada
Songwriter: Koyoma Kouhei
Composer: Kouhei Koyama
Arrangement: Cheru Watanabe


Opening Theme: Digimon Theme
Artist: Paul Gordon

Insert Song: Hey Digimon
Artist: Paul Gordon

Insert Song: Change Into Power (ep. 47)
Artist: Paul Gordon



Sources compiled at Digimon Adventure/Appendices/Cast.

Voice Actor Role(s)
Toshiko Fujita Taichi Yagami, Toshiko Takenouchi
Yuko Mizutani Sora Takenouchi, Taichi's Mother, Kōshirō's Mother
Youto Kazama Yamato Ishida, Sakurada of the TV station, MetalSeadramon
Umi Tenjin Kōshirō Izumi
Ai Maeda Mimi Tachikawa
Hiroko Konishi Takeru Takaishi
Masami Kikuchi Jo Kido, Kōshirō's Father, Shin Kido, Director Chioka
Kae Araki Hikari, Kae Izumi
Chika Sakamoto Koromon, Agumon, Greymon, MetalGreymon, WarGreymon, Takeru's Mother
Atori Shigematsu Pyocomon, Piyomon, Birdramon, Garudamon
Mayumi Yamaguchi Tsunomon, Gabumon, Garurumon, WereGarurumon, MetalGarurumon
Takahiro Sakurai Mochimon, Tentomon, Kabuterimon, AtlurKabuterimon, Mimi's Father
Shihomi Mizowaki Tanemon, Palmon, Togemon, Lilimon
Miwa Matsumoto Tokomon, Patamon, Angemon, Poyomon, HolyAngemon
Junko Takeuchi Pukamon, Gomamon, Ikkakumon, Zudomon
Yuka Tokumitsu Tailmon, Plotmon, Angewomon, Mimi's Mother
Hiroaki Hirata Narration, Leomon, SaberLeomon, Yamato's Father
Yasuhiko Kawazu Shellmon
Hidetoshi Nakamura Meramon
Kiyoyuki Yanada Andromon
Hiroki Takahashi Monzaemon, WaruMonzaemon
Yūji Ueda Numemon
Kaneto Shiozawa Devimon
Hisao Egawa Orgemon, Mugendramon
Kentaro Ito Yukidarumon
Yōji Ietomi Mojyamon
Kappei Yamaguchi Tyumon
Motoko Kumai Sukamon
Masaki Aizawa Kentarumon
Keaton Yamada Bakemon Clergyman
Kōki Miyata[2] Bakemon A, PicoDevimon
Katashi Ishizuka Bakemon B
Keiichi Sonobe Bakemon C
Yasuhiro Takato Elecmon
Reiko Kiuchi Koromon
Miki Chidzuka Botamon
Yukiko Hanioka Punimon
Kaoru Shiomi Poyomon
Yukie Muraoka Yuramon
Noriko Fujimoto Unimon
Joji Yanami Gennai
Masafumi Kimura Whamon
Nobuaki Kanemitsu Drimogemon
Yasunori Masutani Etemon, Etemon (Chaos), MetalEtemon
Isamu Tanonaka Picklemon
Hidenari Ugaki Nanomon
Ryuzaburou Ohtomo Vamdemon, VenomVamdemon
Jin Horikawa Digitamamon
Hiroyuki Kawamoto Vegimon
Suzuki Takuma Vademon
Ginzo Matsuo TonosamaGekomon
Kenji Nomura Nanimon
Megumi Tano Dokugumon
Susumu Chiba Taichi's Father
Haruhi Terada Pumpmon
Yū Sugimoto Gottsumon
Harumi Asai Girl
Akira Ishida Wizarmon
Chikao Ohtsuka Piemon, Apoclymon
Etsuko Kozakura Pinochimon
Ai Nagano LadyDevimon

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