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This is an in-progress copy of our current general guidelines. While it might not be complete yet, please try to follow the guidelines and advice that are listed here. Join the discussion on the talk page if you would like to help develop these guidelines.

General guidelines

Overall scope

  • This is a wiki for the English localization of the Digimon franchise, and as such it focuses on localized material first, and the Japanese/other foreign language material second. For a wiki that focuses on Japanese material first, see Wikimon, our sister wiki.
  • Topics will be referred to using whichever name they were given in the context of the media being discussed; for example, in an article about the Adventure 02 character, the name is "Daemon", while the Digimon World Data Squad character is "Creepymon".
  • The name for a Digimon/Appmon species will be determined in the following order:
    • First American-localization name given in anime.
    • Latest American-localization name given in manga or video games.
    • Latest American-localization name given in other media.
    • Latest other English-language name given in any media.
    • Latest English spelling given in Digimon Reference Book
    • Latest English spelling given elsewhere on Digimon Web
    • Latest English spelling given elsewhere in Japanese publications
    • Estimated English spelling based on Japanese spelling of name.


  • Information needs to be true for both original Japanese and dub versions. If the explanation differs between the two, don't just replace one with the other, but take the time to say what happens in both.
  • Keep speculation off the Wiki. If it wasn't explicitly said in a manga, anime, etc, then let the reader come to their own conclusion. There are some exceptions to this, such as the very obvious and popular speculation. If you include any form of speculation, it needs to be marked as speculation, preferably in its own section or another page. Try to discuss this first and get more than one opinion before including any speculation, even if you feel it's obvious.
  • Everything needs a source, even if it's just citing what episode you learn what from.


  • Non-Digimon related links should point back to Wikipedia by formatting a link with [[wikipedia: at the start of the link. To remove the "wikipedia:" part from showing up in the link you can use a pipe like this → |. For example [[wikipedia:Japan|Japan]] makes Japan.
  • On Wikipedia, you can link to articles on Digimon Wiki using this same trick, but use [[wikia:digimon:Article name|Article name]] instead.


  • For most general situations you can refer to Wikipedia's guidelines (see here or here) when Digimon Wiki has no equivalent guideline. Particularly useful examples include:

Digimon creatures

  • For articles/entries about individual Digimon, there are two forms: one is a species entry and the other is a character entry.
  • A species entry is like what you see on Agumon. It contains basic information about that Digimon as a species, as well as linking to other entries about Agumon as a character.
  • A character entry should be named after the most common form of a Digimon for that character (like, Agumon (Data Squad)), and include information on all that character's evolutions on that entry, rather than different entries/articles for each form. The character entires and their sections should link back to the species entries.
  • Pending more formal guidelines, for a general article about Digimon follow the examples seen on... Need to find example articles


Transcluded from DigimonWiki:Copyrights:
Please see Wikia:Licensing for details of the licensing on this wiki.


  • Remember to not violate copyrights, such as cutting and pasting exact info from other Digimon websites isn't allowed. (You can still use the information, just rewritten in your own words.) Copyright violations will be removed or deleted.
  • The only content that can be copied word for word is if it is released under a CC, GFDL or other compatible license (such as public domain). When ever you use such content, cite the source in the edit summary. For Wikipedia articles it's a good idea to say which article on Wikipedia the content came from, and to make sure that the article has the {{Wikipedia}} template on it. For instructions see: Help:Copying to and from other sites.
  • Likewise, any other website can use content from Digimon Wiki, another wiki hosted on Wikia, or Wikipedia, for free. To do so you must attribute the work (say where it came from, so that people can see the list of editors that worked on it) and a link to the GFDL or CC] text (so people can read the details) and agree to release any changes you make to that content free to use under the same conditions (if you change the text, someone can use your changes just as you used it from Digimon Wiki, etc). For more information on this see examples such as Reusing Wikipedia content.
  • If you find a copyright violation, please either remove it, report it to an admin, or use the "report a problem" link.


  • Images are assumed to be copyrighted, and are not released under the CC/GFDL, unless otherwise noted. Such images are used under U.S. Fair Use laws. Most of these images are property of Bandai.
  • While Digimon Wiki has a much more liberal fair use policy for images than sites such as Wikipedia, we are still required to comply with U.S. fair use laws (due to Wikia's servers being hosted in the US).
  • The number of images should be kept to a minimal. Don't use two images in a place where one image would suffice, etc. It is more important that images be informative rather than pretty.