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Notes and References

  1. Digimon Accel: Evil Genome: Hippogriffomon: "It is said to evolve to Griffomon, but the details aren't understood."
  2. Digimon Accel: Ultimate Genome: UltimateChaosmon: "A Digimon born from the fusion of the four bodies of BantyoLiomon, Darkdramon, Valdurmon, Sleipmon."
  3. Digivice iC 20x: Khaosmon (Internet Archive: Wayback Machine Reproduction): "This particular Khaosmon was given birth by the jogress of BantyoLiomon and Darkdramon, and this can be seen by the vestiges of those Digimon in Khaosmon's arms."
  4. Digimon Reference Book: Liamon: "It is said to be a Digimon that evolved from Liollmon, but there are even fewer surviving individuals than those of Liollmon, so its existence is becoming an 'illusion'."
  5. Digimon Reference Book: Pickmon: "For that reason, there are more than a few Pickmon who have given up midway on becoming a Starmon, then left and gone back home, but nevertheless, Pickmon that work hard, aim at independence, and stand out from the crowd will succeed in being promoted to Major and becoming a Starmon."
  6. Digimon Reference Book: GoldV-dramon: "It armor-digivolved from V-mon with the 'Digi-Egg of Destiny'."
  7. Digimon Reference Book: Arresterdramon: "It is a form that evolved from Gumdramon by removing its 'Kinkoji'."
  8. Digimon Reference Book: OmegaShoutmon: "It is a form obtained when Omegamon bestowed the legendary 'Digivolution' upon a Shoutmon that released its boiling hot soul."
  9. Digimon Reference Book: Shoutmon DX: "As the 'Crusade Mode', born when OmegaShoutmon, who boasts the swiftest speed, obtained the fighting strength of ZekeGreymon, who boasts unparalleled power, it incarnated its high defensive and offensive power without losing OmegaShoutmon's speed by obtaining ZekeGreymon's 'Gold Digizoid'."
  10. Digimon Reference Book: Shoutmon X4B: "It is the 'Divine-horse Mode', formed when Beelzemon granted further power to Shoutmon X4."
  11. Digimon Reference Book: ZekeGreymon: "It is a form obtained when the legendary Digimon bestowed the 'Digivolution' upon a MetalGreymon that sought perfect victory."
  12. Digimon Reference Book: SkullKnightmon: Cavalier Mode: "It is the 'Assault Mode' in which SkullKnightmon is mounted on DeadlyAxemon."
  13. Digimon Reference Book: DarkKnightmon: "It is the fused figure of SkullKnightmon and DeadlyAxemon, who have exchanged cups of brotherhood."
  14. Digimon Reference Book: DarknessBagramon: "It is the digixrosed form of DarkKnightmon and Bagramon."
  15. Digimon Reference Book: DeckerGreymon: "It is the 'Assault-strike Mode', which added Deckerdramon's offensive and assault abilities to MetalGreymon's power, and is a form which has attained a balance between its offensive, defensive, and locomotive abilities."
  16. Digimon Reference Book: Hi-VisionMonitamon: "As the newest model of Monitamon, it outdoes Monitamon in fighting strength, analytic power, and intelligence-gathering ability, and is an Ace of Monitamon that displays unique abilities."
  17. Digimon Reference Book: MadLeomon: Armed Mode: "It is the 'Weapon-frenzy Mode' of MadLeomon, who gave itself a chainsaw as well as even more modifications."
  18. Digimon Reference Book: MusoKnightmon: "It is the 'Darkness-rumbling Mode' born from the DigiXros of DarkKnightmon and Tuwarmon, in which the 'Gouradarai Gun' was added to DarkKnightmon, who boasts of overwhelming power, so that it became an even more destructive and fiendish Digimon."
  19. Digimon Reference Book: MetalGreymon (Digimon Xros Wars version): "It is the 'Tactical-enhancement Mode', which possesses MailBirdramon's armor on top of Greymon's power, a form which was strengthened without hindering the fighting strength of Greymon, who specialized in close-combat fighting."
  20. Digimon Reference Book: Mervamon: "It is a figure that matured and amassed experience and achievements while it passed time as a Minervamon, and its personality became very calmed down and adult compared to its time as Minervamon."
  21. Digimon Reference Book: Sagittarimon: "Although it is an Armor that pseudo-digivolved from an ancient Digimon due to the power of the Digi-Egg, it will sometimes digivolve as a mutation among Centarumon (not an Armor Digivolution)."
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