"Welcome to the Digimon Net Game!" [01]

<ref>''[[Digimon Next]]'', "[[Welcome to the Digimon Net Game!]]" [01]</ref>

"Greymon VS Peckmon!" [03]

<ref>''[[Digimon Next]]'', "[[Greymon VS Peckmon!]]" [03]</ref>

"Commandments of Terror!" [04]

<ref>''[[Digimon Next]]'', "[[Commandments of Terror!]]" [04]</ref>

"Yū and Gaomon!" [05]

<ref>''[[Digimon Next]]'', "[[Yū and Gaomon!]]" [05]</ref>

"i-LAND!" [06]

<ref>''[[Digimon Next]]'', "[[i-LAND!]]" [06]</ref>

"The Black DigiCore!" [09]]]

<ref>''[[Digimon Next]]'', "[[The Black DigiCore!]]" [09]</ref>

"The Girl Norn!" [10]

<ref>''[[Digimon Next]]'', "[[The Girl Norn!]]" [10]</ref>

"Pitchmon's Secret!" [11]

<ref>''[[Digimon Next]]'', "[[Pitchmon's Secret!]]" [11]</ref>

"The Other Sage!" [13]

<ref>''[[Digimon Next]]'', "[[The Other Sage!]]" [13]</ref>

"Reunion!" [14]

<ref>''[[Digimon Next]]'', "[[Reunion!]]" [14]</ref>

"I...!" [17]

<ref>''[[Digimon Next]]'', "[[I...!]]" [17]</ref>

"Death Struggle: Three Commanders!" [20]

<ref>''[[Digimon Next]]'', "[[Death Struggle: Three Commanders!]]" [20]</ref>

"Anti-God Devices Digimon Twin!" [21]

<ref>''[[Digimon Next]]'', "[[Anti-God Devices Digimon Twin!]]" [21]</ref>
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