"And so it begins..." [01]
"Adrift? The Island of Adventure!" [01]

<ref name="1.01">''[[Digimon Adventure]]'', "[[And so it begins...]]" [01]</ref>

"The Birth of Greymon" [02]
"Explosive Evolution! Greymon" [02]

<ref name="1.02">''[[Digimon Adventure]]'', "[[The Birth of Greymon]]" [02]</ref>

"Garurumon" [03]
"The Blue Wolf! Garurumon" [03]

<ref>''[[Digimon Adventure]]'', "{{c|Garurumon|episode}}" [03]</ref name="1.03">

"Biyomon Gets Firepower" [04]
"Red Hot! Birdramon" [04]

<ref name="1.04">''[[Digimon Adventure]]'', "[[Biyomon Gets Firepower]]" [04]</ref>

"Kabuterimon's Electro Shocker" [05]
"Electric Shock! Kabuterimon" [05]

<ref name="1.05">''[[Digimon Adventure]]'', "[[Kabuterimon's Electro Shocker]]" [05]</ref>

"Togemon in Toy Town" [06]
"Palmon's Angry Evolution" [06]

<ref name="1.06">''[[Digimon Adventure]]'', "[[Togemon in Toy Town]]" [06]</ref>

"Ikkakumon's Harpoon Torpedo" [07]
"A Roar! Ikkakumon" [07]

<ref name="1.07">''[[Digimon Adventure]]'', "[[Ikkakumon's Harpoon Torpedo]]" [07]</ref>

"DigiBaby Boom" [12]
"Adventure! Patamon and I" [12]

<ref>''[[Digimon Adventure]]'', "[[DigiBaby Boom]]" [12]</ref>

"The Legend of the DigiDestined" [13]
"Angemon Awakens" [13]

<ref name="1.13">''[[Digimon Adventure]]'', "[[The Legend of the Digidestined]]" [13]</ref>

"Departure for a New Continent" [14]
"Departure — To a New Continent!" [14]

<ref name="1.14">''[[Digimon Adventure]]'', "[[Departure for a New Continent]]" [14]</ref>

"The Arrival of Skullgreymon" [16]
"Dark Evolution! SkullGreymon" [16]

<ref name="1.16">''[[Digimon Adventure]]'', "[[The Arrival of Skullgreymon]]" [16]</ref>

"The Earthquake of MetalGreymon" [20]
"Perfect Level Evolution! MetalGreymon" [20]

<ref name="1.20">''[[Digimon Adventure]]'', "[[The Earthquake of MetalGreymon]]" [20]</ref>

"WereGarurumon's Diner" [23]
"You're My Friend! WereGarurumon" [23]

<ref name="1.23">''[[Digimon Adventure]]'', "[[WereGarurumon's Diner]]" [23]</ref>

"No Questions, Please" [24]
"Crush! AtlurKabuterimon" [24]

<ref name="1.24">''[[Digimon Adventure]]'', "[[No Questions, Please]]" [24]</ref>

"Sora's Crest of Love" [26]
"Radiant Wings! Garudamon" [26]

<ref name="1.26">''[[Digimon Adventure]]'', "[[Sora's Crest of Love]]" [26]</ref>

"The Eighth Child Revealed" [34]
"The Bonds of Fate! Tailmon" [34]

<ref name="1.34">''[[Digimon Adventure]]'', "[[The Eighth Child Revealed]]" [34]</ref>

"Flower Power" [35]
"The Fairy of Odaiba! Lilymon Blooms" [35]

<ref name="1.35">''[[Digimon Adventure]]'', "[[Flower Power]]" [35]</ref>

"City Under Siege" [36]
"Break Through the Barrier! Zudomon Spark" [36]

<ref name="1.36">''[[Digimon Adventure]]'', "[[City Under Siege]]" [36]</ref>

"Wizardmon's Gift" [37]
"All Perfect Levels Advance! Glittering Angewomon" [37]

<ref name="1.37">''[[Digimon Adventure]]'', "[[Wizardmon's Gift]]" [37]</ref>

"Prophecy" [38]
"Revival! The Demon Lord, Venom Vamdemon" [38]

<ref name="1.38">''[[Digimon Adventure]]'', "[[Prophecy]]" [38]</ref>

"The Ultimate Clash" [45]
"Clash of the Ultimates! WarGreymon VS MetalGarurumon" [45]

<ref name="1.45">''[[Digimon Adventure]]'', "[[The Ultimate Clash]]" [45]</ref>

"Etemon's Comeback Tour" [46]
"The Counterattack of MetalEtemon" [46]

<ref name="1.46">''[[Digimon Adventure]]'', "[[Etemon's Comeback Tour]]" [46]</ref>

"Piedmon's Last Jest" [52]
"The Holy Swordsman, HolyAngemon" [52]

<ref name="1.52">''[[Digimon Adventure]]'', "[[Piedmon's Last Jest]]" [52]</ref>

"Now Apocalymon" [53]
"The Final Dark Digimon" [52]

<ref name="1.53">''[[Digimon Adventure]]'', "[[Now Apocalymon]]" [53]</ref>

"Our War Game!" [M2]

<ref name="M2">''[[Digimon Adventure: Our War Game!]]'' [M2]</ref>

Notes and References

  1. City Under Siege Patamon: "That's MegaSeadramon! The regular old Seadramon was bad enough, but compared to this fully-digivolved version he was just an angry guppy."
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