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This is a compiled list of digivolutions considered acceptable to be used as references. If you feel a digivolution not in this list should be added, please bring it up on the talk page.

Digivolutions are listed by the episode, chapter, or version in which they appeared. The English title is displayed on top, with the Japanese equivalent after it.

A standard for using this list on species articles, considering that there are multiple instances of the same digivolution, is that the highest instance on the list is the one that should be cited. An exception to this rule is if references further down on the list breaks a Warp Digivolution.

As an example, Keramon >> Infermon appears in Digimon Adventure, "Our War Game!" [M2]. Further down, however, you find Keramon > Chrysalimon (Digimon Data Squad, "The Singer's Secret" [08]) and Chrysalimon > Infermon (Digimon Tamers, "The Imperfect Storm" [30]). Thus, you would individually cite Keramon > Chrysalimon and Chrysalimon > Infermon on the individual species pages, while not citing the Keramon >> Infermon.


  • >: Single-stage digivolution, such as Koromon > Agumon.
  • >>: Multiple-stage digivolution with unknown intermediate stages, such as Keramon >> Infermon.
  • /: Slide evolution or matrix conversion, such as Monzaemon / WaruMonzaemon.
  • DigimonWiki:Subspecies and Variation References have subspecies and variations, rather than digivolutions.

To-do list for DigimonWiki:Digivolution References:

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  • Add ref-tag templates for each source.
  • Correct the targets for all links.
  • Check the translations for the episode and chapter titles.


  • Add Digivolutions for Tamers (Ep. 06+), Xros Wars (manga, anime, sequel), Video games, Cards (Card Game α), and anything else.

The references for each publication are each compiled on their own sub-articles. To view them all at once, see /Compilation. To view them one at a time, use the following links:



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