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Digimon Force Three

Digimon: Force Three is an unreleased toyline consisting of three Digivices: Hyper, Fusion and Armor. They were exclusively developed by Bandai America during the Digimon Frontier era, but it was not officially released.

According to the few available promotional material available, these Digivices worked in conjunction with the D-Tector Card Game, which would allow the Tamers to explore new areas of the Digital World and increase the power of their teams. In addition, the device allowed battles in the Multiplayer Mode, and its main objective was to acquire the three available worlds to take over control of the Digital World.

The storyline accompanying the toys is that it takes place at least 100 years after Digimon Frontier. A small conflict began in three areas of the Digital World which then grew until only chaos and disorder remained. Hope persists, however, in the three leaders who have come from the Real World and given the power of the Digivice to restore peace. They are also given the responsibility of defeating the evil Hydemon before he completely destroys the Digital World.


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