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Digiblocks game

Digiblocks was was a Digimon Flash Game based around the Digimon Adventure anime, which appeared for free on the now defunct Official Fox Kid's website for fans to play. It was a Digimon version of the game Tetris where the player moves blocks around to complete full lines. Whilst the original Fox kid's website is now gone, copies of this game still exist on other websites.


Can you help Mimi's Digimon Yuramon to digivolve to lillymon? Guide the blocks into solid lines as they fall. How long can you last?The aim of the game is to guide the falling blocks so that they make complete rows at the bottom of the screen. When you make a complete row, the blocks disappear.

To help you get the blocks in the right position, you can move them with the left and right cursors, as well as rotate them with the space key. If you are sure the blocks will drop into the correct position, you can press the down arrow to instantly drop the block. How long can you last before the blocks fill up to the top!

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