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DigiSnake was was a Digimon Flash Game based around the Digimon Adventure anime, which appeared for free on the now defunct Official Fox Kid's website for fans to play. Like the name suggests, it is a Digimon version of the Snake Game which was made popular at the time by being featured on Nokia phones.

The game had three difficulty levels named Rookie, Champion and Ultimate after the levels Digimon in the anime Digivolve to. The snake in the game, that the player controls, is a Seadramon. Unlike in other versions of Snake the player doesn't seem to get extra points for a gear when the level increases.

Game play

The Digidestined need your help to clear the lake of evil Black Gears. Use the arrow keys on your computer keyboard to manouver Seadramon towards the floating gears. When Seadramon eats a gear, he will grow longer!

But be careful where you go, it's very important that Seadramon doesn't run into himself or the sides of the lake.

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