The DigiGnomes are digital creatures that evolved from the same Digital World data that Digimon did, and have the power to grant wishes in the digital and real world.



DigiGnome (デジノーム)

Name used in Digimon Tamers. No official romanization available.


DigiGnomes were introduced into the series by the screenwriter of Digimon Tamers, Chiaki J. Konaka, in order to expand the breadth of Digital World lifeforms beyond the previous strict relegation to just Digimon; they were designed by the director of the season, Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru.[4]


Digimon Tamers[]

They were created in 1980, making them the first artificial digital creatures. The DigiGnomes were there when the D-Reaper attacked the Digital World. Many of them were destroyed, along with other Digimon before the D-Reaper went into hibernation.

In 200X when the D-Reaper was slowly resurfacing, Azulongmon had the DigiGnomes transform the Shining Digivolution, the source of Digivolution for all Digimon, into a Digimon named Calumon, who ended up in the Real World. The DigiGnomes were also used by Shibumi to make Blue Cards for the Tamers.

When Calumon was captured by Makuramon and the cage he was in was trapped in a circuit, the DigiGnomes freed him when Makuramon lost grip of it. Rika Nonaka and Renamon were the first Tamer team to encounter the DigiGnomes. Takato Matsuki, Henry Wong, and Terriermon encountered them in Shibumi's library. The DigiGnomes also appeared when Suzie Wong convinced Antylamon to play with her. Takato later saw the DigiGnomes flying towards Zhuqiaomon's castle. When the D-Reaper was growing in power, some DigiGnomes sacrificed their lives to release the Shining Digivolution throughout the Digital World, causing all Digimon to Digivolve to their Mega Forms. A DigiGnome later placed MarineAngemon in Kenta's pocket without anyone noticing. Later on during the battle against the D-Reaper, Ai and Mako received a purple D-Power from out of nowhere as a DigiGnome flew over a bus. In the aftermath of the victory over the D-Reaper, the Tamers' Digimon disappeared back to the Digital World. Later on, a DigiGnome hovered over Guilmon's old hiding place and the gate to the Digital World opened, which was proof that a DigiGnome had granted Takato's wish.

Digimon Battle[]

The DIGINOM is a pet with 1000 HP, the Somersault special skill, and the following skills: 50% increase in BIT acquisition, 50% increase in chance of acquiring item.

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