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The DigiCore (電脳核 (デジコア) Den'noukaku (DejiKoa)?, lit. "Computer Kernel"), said to be at the center of a Digimon's body,[1] is a type of nucleus, and a powerful energy source[citation needed], that houses a Digimon's primary data[citation needed], and is analogous to its soul;[2] a Digimon can continue to exist long after its body has rotted away so long as its DigiCore remains unharmed, but this also means that the DigiCore is a point of failure for the Digimon, as the Digimon will immediately cease functioning if they lose their DigiCore.[3][4] As most Digimon only have one DigiCore, they usually hide it deep within their body, although many Undead Digimon have rotted to such an extent that their DigiCores are visible, and the most powerful of Mega Digimon, such as the Digimon Sovereigns, each have a dozen DigiCores that orbit their bodies.[5] In addition, when two Digimon undergo DNA Digivolution, their DigiCores are normally totally fused, resulting in a single new Digimon; when this process is left incomplete, the resulting Digimon maintains its form in a very unstable state.[6][7] UltimateChaosmon, who is both an extremely powerful Mega Digimon and an incomplete DNA Digivolution, is thus unable to store its DigiCores within its body, so they manifest bare.[8]


Digimon Adventure 02

One of the cores was given to Gennai by Azulongmon to aid the DigiDestined in the battle in Real World against Arukenimon and Mummymon, granting the Digimon the power to digivolve to Ultimate once again, while also allowing Paildramon to become Imperialdramon for the first time. Dramon Power

After Imperialdramon's core was damaged by SkullSatamon during the Digivolution process, the remaining Digimon sacrificed their power to restore and re-empower Imperialdramon, allowing him to Digivolve into Imperialdramon Fighter Mode, easily turn the table against SkullSatamon and defeat him. Invasion of the Daemon Corps

Later, Azulongmon gave another one to Agumon in order for him to Digivolve to WarGreymon and combat against BlackWarGreymon who had gone to the Real World following the barrier between worlds being weakened after the lost of Digicore and the destruction of six Destiny Stones. Duel of the WarGreymon

Digimon Fusion

This information is only considered valid within the American English continuity.

AxeKnightmon is able to separate the DigiCores of Digimon from their bodies using the Dark Stone, a fate he inflicts on the Dark Generals, Shoutmon, Ballistamon, and Dorulumon. In the case of the Dark Generals, it allows him control over the resulting mindless body. These DigiCores are imprisoned in Prison Land, a place where spirits can materialize. Prison Land

Digimon Next

Black digicore.png

The Black DigiCore is an artifact that appears in Digimon Next. Barbamon uses them to enslave Digimon and humans to his will by inserting them into the target.[citation needed]

Digimon ReArise

In the past, when a large amount of Digital Points opened up in the Digital World, bringing a large amount of Spiral, the Deva and Four Holy Beasts used the power of the Four Holy Beasts' DigiCores to open a distortion to attract all the Spiral into the same place so that they could deal with them all at the same time. Once all the Spiral arrived in the same place, they used the distortion to send them all to the Dark Area which was enough to get rid of all the Sprial for a long period of time. Chasing the Shadow of an Angel! Joining Forces with Sara!

A long time later, before the Four Holy Beasts slumber to restore the balance of the Digital World, they give some of their DigiCores to their Deva subordinates so that they could use their power to help defeat the Spiral, as they had since returned. Kumbhiramon gives one to GrapLeomon which causes it to digivolve to HeavyLeomon for the first time. Keito's Decisive Fighting Spirit! Later, Vajramon gives one to Chirinmon which allows it to digivolve to Mitamamon for the first time. A God Beast Digimon?! A Path for Mayu to Follow Takumi Hiiragi, having learned that the Four Holy Beasts gave the Deva their DigiCores, has Gaiomon attack and nearly kill Sinduramon and takes its DigiCore by force Deva Training! A Battle to Remember! having been told to acquire it by Eiji Futami. A Digimon Summit Begins? God's Territory

Later, when a Digital Point opens up in the Digital World, Caturamon tries to use one of the DigiCores to re-enact their plan from the past, though the other Deva disagree due to the Four Holy Beasts no longer being around to mitigate the damage the distortion would do to the Digital World and Human World as that was the only reason they were able to successfully act out the plan in the first place. Undeterred, Caturamon enlists the help of Ophanimon of the Three Archangels and gives it another DigiCore so that it would get more power to try and mitigate the effects of the distortion. Unable to do so however, the effects of trying to control the distortion instead causes Ophanimon's emotions to go out of control, leading it to Mode Change to Ophanimon Fallen Mode and try to deal with the problem by destroying the Human World, as that is where the Digital Points supposedly originated from. Realising the error of its ways, Caturamon teams up with the Humans and they are able to distract Fallen Mode long enough for Caturamon to retrieve the DigiCore, returning Ophanimon back its senses. The two then apologise for their actions, realising the other Deva were right after all and that trying to use that same plan again was too dangerous. Chasing the Shadow of an Angel! Joining Forces with Sara!

Now having everything he needed – the stolen DigiCore, lots of captured Spiral, and data stolen from the Three Archangels – Eiji is able to put his plan into motion. He combines all of them together and is able to use them open a gateway to the Kernel. A Digimon Summit Begins? God's Territory

When the Tamers are in the Dark Area, Rasenmon opens a gate to the Kernel so that they could confront Spiral Origin. Spiral Origin sends the Spiral Guardians (G-Spiral-6097, G-Spiral-6098, and G-Spiral-6099) through the other side of the gate to stop them and as the group struggle against them they realize that they need more help to be able to defeat the Guardians. Grizzlymon, wanting to be more useful to the group as it couldn't do much whilst still stuck at the Champion level, forces itself to digivolve to Cerberusmon so that it could open a gate to the Dark Area so that more of their allies can join the battle. After Sandiramon answers the call it allows Cerberusmon to use the DigiCore it had been entrusted with to be used to open multiple gates at once which allows all members of the Deva, Royal Knights, and Three Archangels to join the battle. With the group now being much bigger, their combined forces are able to defeat the Spiral Guardians. Spiral Origin revives them however, though the large group of newly summoned allies fight them and allow the Tamers to go to the Kernel. Vs. Guardians

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