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The DigiCore (電脳核 (デジコア) Den'noukaku (DejiKoa)?, lit. "Computer Kernel"), said to be at the center of a Digimon's body,[1] is a type of nucleus, and a powerful energy source[citation needed], that houses a Digimon's primary data[citation needed], and is analogous to its soul;[2] a Digimon can continue to exist long after its body has rotted away so long as its DigiCore remains unharmed, but this also means that the DigiCore is a point of failure for the Digimon, as the Digimon will immediately cease functioning if they lose their DigiCore.[3][4] As most Digimon only have one DigiCore, they usually hide it deep within their body, although many Undead Digimon have rotted to such an extent that their DigiCores are visible, and the most powerful of Mega Digimon, such as the Digimon Sovereigns, each have a dozen DigiCores that orbit their bodies.[5] In addition, when two Digimon undergo DNA Digivolution, their DigiCores are normally totally fused, resulting in a single new Digimon; when this process is left incomplete, the resulting Digimon maintains its form in a very unstable state.[6][7] UltimateChaosmon, who is both an extremely powerful Mega Digimon and an incomplete DNA Digivolution, is thus unable to store its DigiCores within its body, so they manifest bare.[8]


Digimon Adventure 02

The Digicores of the Harmonious Ones have amazing power, as seen when Azulongmon gave Gennai one of his, which in turn allowed for Paildramon to become Imperialdramon for the first time. It also gave the original DigiDestined's Digimon the power to digivolve to their Ultimate level once again. Another one of Azulongmon's also allowed Agumon to digivolve to WarGreymon. Also, if one of the DigiCores are gone from one of the Four Harmonious Ones, then the Digital World's defenses will weaken, making the Digital World unbalanced.[citation needed]

Digimon Fusion

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AxeKnightmon is able to separate the DigiCores of Digimon from their bodies using the Dark Stone, a fate he inflicts on the Dark Generals, Shoutmon, Ballistamon, and Dorulumon. In the case of the Dark Generals, it allows him control over the resulting mindless body. These DigiCores are imprisoned in Prison Land, a place where spirits can materialize. Prison Land

Digimon Next

Black digicore.png

The Black DigiCore is an artifact that appears in Digimon Next. Barbamon uses them to enslave Digimon and humans to his will by inserting them into the target.[citation needed]

Digimon ReArise

Before the Four Holy Beasts slumber to restore the balance of the Digital World they give some of their DigiCores to their Deva subordinates so that they could use their power to help defeat the Spiral. Kumbhiramon gives one to GrapLeomon which causes it to digivolve to HeavyLeomon for the first time. Keito's Decisive Fighting Spirit! Later, Vajramon gives one to Chirinmon which allows it to digivolve to Mitamamon for the first time. A God Beast Digimon?! A Path for Mayu to Follow Takumi Hiiragi, having learned that the Four Holy Beasts gave the Deva their DigiCores, has Gaiomon attack and nearly kill Sinduramon and takes its DigiCore by force. Deva Training! A Battle to Remember!

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