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DigiCannon was a Digimon Flash game belonging to the Digimon Adventure series, which appeared on the now defunct "" website. The game was also included in a CD-ROM extra disk which came packaged with VHS and DVDs of Digimon: The Movie. Although the site it was orginally hosted on is now gone, the game can still be found on-line.


Can you help T.K rescue the Poyomon babies? Use the Digicannon to launch the Digimon across the gap. Don't forget to watch out for the changing wind!


Charge the DigiCannn by holding down the "Charge" button. The longer you hold it down, the further the babies will fly. Release the button to launch. Aim the DigiCannon higher or lower by dragging your mouse over it.You have to keep an eye on the wind though. The wind arrow gets bigger as the wind blows towards you. You have to judge how much to charge the DigiCannon to overcome the wind.

There are 7 levels to complete. To progress to the next level, you need to get at least 1 Poyomon in the centre of the target! Good Luck.

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