Digi-Elf is a digital lifeform.


Digi-Elves appear in two varieties. One is colored yellow and gray with an oval head. It has a striped tail and an elongated head or helmet.

The other has a more feminine appearance, wearing a red and yellow dress set. It appears to have a white-blue skin tone and brown hair.


Digi-Elf (デジルフ)

Name used in Digimon World 4. No official romanization available.


Digimon World 4[]

The protagonist has the ability to rescue 10 Digi-Elves at Numenume River. After being rescued, they appear in the Lobby and perform support operations. The operations they offer include:

  • Sell armor
  • Sell weapons
  • Sell data chips
  • Talk
  • Give tutorials in the commander's room, such as mentioning how to digivolve
  • Save the game
  • Open card packs and show collection
  • Upgrade Digimon via data
  • Withdraw/Deposit money/items
  • Sell mods for weaponry
  • Sell disks
  • Give quests to allow digivolution

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