The Digi-Beetle as seen in Digimon World 2.

Digi-Beetle St-435 (DM)

Digi-Beetle card art.

The Digi-Beetle (デジビートル DejiBītoru?) is the main form of transport used to travel through different areas in Digimon World 2.


Body Types[]

There are three different body types of Digi-Beetle: Steel, Titanium, and Adamantium. The default is the Steel body, and upgrading requires not only the new body but also an engine that can support the added weight from the increased body size.


There are five different cannons available throughout the game:

  • The Shooter Gun fires healing items at allied Digimon and items to make wild Digimon friendly.
  • The Missile Gun fires missiles that can destroy Walls and Electro Spores.
  • The Bugzapper fires BugZap to destroy Bug Nests as well as kill Bugs.
  • The R Cannon fires items that affect enemy stats or inflict status ailments.
  • The Z Cannon fire items that inflict direct damage to the enemy.

The Steel body can equip three cannons, and each upgraded body adds an additional cannon that it can equip.


There are additional components that can be equipped onto the Digi-Beetle to affect various stats:

  • Engines affect the Digi-Beetle's HP.
  • Batteries affect the Digi-Beetle's EP.
  • Boxes affect the storage base for items.
  • RAM affect the size of the Digimon that can be stored.
  • Arms can disable mines on the ground.
  • Hands can disarm the booby traps in treasure boxes.
  • Tires can allow travel over certain patches of terrain without receiving damage.
  • Sensors that can detect mines or bug nests.
  • DM Transfer that can send newly captured Digimon to server if the RAM is full.


Digimon World 2[]

After Akira finishes his training mission, he gets his own Digi-Beetle. Although it is the basic model, it can be further upgraded later.

Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters (manga)[]

When the App Drivers are in the secret base, a Digi-Beetle toy is under the table. Minerva and Leviathan!!