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Diaboromon is a fictional character from the Digimon franchise.


Diaboromon is completely devoid of any motive aside from the devouring of crucial network data, and efficiently identifying any and all threats that presently halt its staggering growth. An inherently destructive and malicious Digimon; it possesses the ability to Digivolve rapidly through intercepted data via the internet circa 2000, including landline telephone services as well as household appliances, halting and obstructing the entirety of network dependent service across Japan and as well as the rest of the globe within short time. The subsequent bandwidth and shared processing power between the internet proved more than enough data in order to sustain this quickly accelerated form, demonstrating powerful invasive data breaches across all superpowered governmental databases; allowing the most devastating threat possible: Real World bombing, and mass loss of life. This Digimon has been heavily implied to have been created by Willis, who had no intention of creating a Digimon of this kind. His appearance and namesake is intended to be hideous and demonic, referring back to "Diablo". (Spanish for "devil")


  • Web Wrecker (Catastrophe Cannon): Fires a powerful shot of destructive energy from his chest-cannon.
  • Cable Crusher (Tentacle Bug): Stretches his arms and launches his huge clawed hands to slash or grab the enemy.


M2 01

Kuramon is born.

Due to the sudden amassing of computer viruses, a Digi-Egg was created and rapidly hatched into a Virus/Digimon hybrid. It caused constant chaos in the Real World by eating data, and Digivolved rapidly with each sufficient amount of food.

The Digidestined's Digimon attempted to stop it at it's Rookie Stage - Keramon, but it digivolved to Ultimate - Infermon - and defeated them. It proceeded to continue eating data, until cornered by WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon. Forced to Digivolve again, it became Diaboromon, a Mega level Digimon with power beyond those at the same level. The evil Digimon hacked into a United States Department of Defense military computer and began launching the United States' arsenal of ICBMs loaded with nuclear warheads around the world, starting with sending a Peace Keeper ICBM to Japan and, in the dubbed version, another one to Colorado to kill the DigiDestined.

M2 Diaboromon's clock

Diaboromon's Doomsday Clock

He then cloned himself and made well over a million copies of himself; he hid the countdown clock in his own head, and stopping it was the only way to disable the missiles. Using his copies, Diaboromon pummeled WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon unconscious. At that moment, Tai and Matt entered the Internet through their computers, reviving their Digimon, who DNA Digivolved into Omnimon. Omnimon destroyed all of his copies, but the remaining Diaboromon was too quick for Omnimon's cannons. Izzy forwarded emails to Diaboromon, causing him to lag, allowing Omnimon to execute him with a sword to head at the absolute last second, leaving the disarmed Peace Keeper to fall harmlessly in Tokyo Bay. Our War Game!

In the dubbed version, the virus that infected Diaboromon would go onto to infect one of Willis's partners, Kokomon. Digimon Hurricane Landing!!

However, Diaboromon had in fact survived from the previous battle and, during the late spring of 2003, he created billions of Kuramon that entered the Real World. Omnimon went back into the Internet to deal with him again and, with some help from Angemon and Angewomon (who held him down), Omnimon chose to blow off his head with his Supreme Cannon instead of impaling it with the Transcendent Sword like last time and he was destroyed for good. But Diaboromon intended for that to happen so that he could live on in his Kuramon as they had all escaped to the Real World through various electronic devices and eventually fused to become Armageddemon, Diaboromon's alternate, and more deadly, Mega form. Revenge of Diaboromon

Digimon Tamers: Digimon Medley[]

Diaboromon is a boss which must be fought in the "A New World" chapter.

Digimon Adventure tri.[]

After Ordinemon is killed by Omnimon Merciful Mode, Dark Gennai states he will try again with Diaboromon and Daemon. Future

Other forms[]

Kuramon's Digi-Egg[]

Digi-EggKuramon Custom

Kuramon's Digi-Egg was created by Willis and subsequently infected by a virus.

In the Japanese version of Our War Game!, Kuramon's Digi-Egg formed on the Internet from a collection of viruses and is unrelated to Willis.

At 11:05 AM JST on March 2000,[3] Koushiro "Izzy" Izumi and several other children first discovered the Digi-Egg on the internet, and it hatched a minute later at 11:06. Our War Game!


Kuramon t


Kuramon hatched from a Digi-Egg that had formed on the Internet from a collection of viruses. In the dubbed version, it was instead hatched from a Digi-Egg that Willis created which was subsequently infected by a virus. Kuramon's mere presence on the internet wreaked havoc—phones stopped working and people were unable to board trains. Tai described him as "A cross between a jellyfish and a contact lens". This Digimon spoke in window messages, with its first word being "Hello!"

Diaboromon reappears on the net, where he produces thousands of Kuramon which emerge into the Real World through cell phones and computers. The DigiDestined tried to round them all up, but when Diaboromon was destroyed by Omnimon, all the Kuramon escaped. The Kuramon went to Tokyo Bay and combined into Armageddemon. Not even Omnimon or Imperialdramon Fighter Mode could get the best of him until Omnimon's body became the Omni Blade for Imperialdramon Fighter Mode to use. Upon destroying Armageddemon, his body disintegrated into millions of Kuramon. Everyone used their Digivices and cell phones to capture them and send them all back to the Trash on Izzy's computer until he and Gennai can figure out what to do with them. Revenge of Diaboromon


Tsumemon t

After digivolving from Kuramon, Tsumemon stated it was hungry, then began rushing through grocery store data, consuming it at a rapid pace. This caused havoc for cash registers worldwide; one example is a box of chocolate ended up costing a ridiculously large amount of money. Shortly after, Tsumemon digivolved into its Rookie form Keramon. Because of the rapid Digivolution, Izzy speculated that Tsumemon must have gone to a fast food website.


Keramon t

Tsumemon's rampant data consumption quickly enables him to Digivolve to his Rookie stage, Keramon. The viral entity continues to cause trouble on the Internet by eating data, leading Tai, Izzy, and Gennai to send Agumon and Tentomon to the monster's location. When their attacks have no effect, the two Digidestined Digimon digivolved to their Champion forms in an attempt to gain an advantage; however, Keramon responds in kind, warp digivolving to his Ultimate form, Infermon. Our War Game!

Keramon uses the e-mail address "@@@@@@djm.factorymark.co.jp" to taunt the DigiDestined.


  • Bug Blaster (Crazy Giggle): Spits out an exceptionally destructive bullet of light while laughing (?).


Chrysalimon t

Chrysalimon is Diaboromon's Champion form, which it bypassed when warp digivolves from Keramon to Infermon.[2]


Infermon t

Infermon is Diaboromon's Ultimate form, a spider-like Digimon able to withdraw into a hardened carapace to enhance its defense.

Keramon warp-digivolves to Infermon in response to Agumon and Tentomon digivolving to their Champion forms, and at first, the DigiDestined assume Infermon is only a Champion Digimon. Izzy realizes they were mistaken when Infermon quickly overwhelms their own Digimon, and the children attempt to digivolve Greymon and Kabuterimon further to their Ultimate forms; however, Infermon shrewdly attacks the Digimon while they are still in the process of digivolving, incapacitating them and forcing them to dedigivolve so it can escape.

Infermon then locates and hacks into a US military network, from which he launches a nuclear missile strike on the DigiDestined: one at Willis's location, and one at Highton View Terrace. He is swiftly tracked down by WarGreymon, MetalGarurumon, Tentomon, and Patamon, but just as he seems to be on the verge of defeat, he digivolves once again, to Diaboromon. Our War Game!

While in the US networks, Infermon uses the e-mail address "@@@@@@djm.dot.gov.ny.us" to taunt the DigiDestined.


  • Spider Shooter (Hell's Grenade): Fires off shells of a terrible, destructive energy from the muzzle inside of his mouth.


Armageddemon t

Armageddemon appeared in Revenge of Diaboromon.

After escaping the Internet, the massive swarm of Kuramon combined into a massive Digi-Egg above Tokyo Bay. Shortly thereafter, the egg released Armageddemon, a monstrous creature whose sheer size prevents the heroes from returning him to the Internet. He confronts Omnimon, who stabs a hole in Armageddemon's forehead with his "Transcendent Sword" and blasts the inside of his mouth several times with "Supreme Cannon". This proved to be a mistake, for it allowed Armageddemon to release his "Destiny Destroyer" at point blank range upon Omnimon. After defeating Omnimon, he also made short work of Imperialdramon Fighter Mode. The combined power of WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon created the Omni Sword, reviving Imperialdramon and creating Imperialdramon Paladin Mode whose Omni Sword ultimately killed Armageddemon, releasing all the Kuramon who were sent to the Trash on the computer with the Omni Sword's power, ending Diaboromon's scheme. Digimon Adventure 02: Revenge of Diaboromon


  • Full Scale Attack (Black Rain): Fires energy shells from its back into the sky, which fall like rain as scattered beams.
  • Destiny Destroyer (Ultimate Flare): Emits a destructive energy wave from its gaping maw.

Notes and references[]

  1. In the dub version of Digimon: The Movie, Willis originally created the Digi-Egg who would become Diaboromon as a partner. In the Japanese version, Willis isn't involved in the events of Our War Game!.
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