Dexmon is a Ghost Digimon and carrier of the X Antibody.[5] Since it doesn't have its own DigiCore, this type of program cannot be classified as a Digimon, and although it appears solid, it has no actual substance. If it detects a DigiCore, it will absorb it into its body and disintegrate it, then reassemble it in a perpetually repeating set of processes named "Process '0'" through "Process 'F'". Although it is a simple program, it is conjectured that defeating it is within the realm of impossibility. Unless there are DigiCores nearby, it will go into stasis, but as long as there are DigiCores, it will not cease.[6]


  • Process "0": The first of a set of perpetually repeating processes which disassemble and reassemble the DigiCores of its opponents.
  • Process "F": The last of a set of perpetually repeating processes which disassemble and reassemble the DigiCores of its opponents.


Dexmon is a large Digimon whose main body appears to be undefined. It has purple armor on its face, torso, elbows, and lower body similar to DexDorugoramon, as well as its red and black wings. Its lower body is large and bulbous, with red spikes that approximate feet emerged from the bottom and a green gem at its center. Its arms are extremely long and end in wickedly sharp claws.


Death-X-mon (デクスモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in Japanese and some English media. Some media leave out the hyphens.[7]


Name given on DM-253 and used in most American English media.

  • Death-X, directly from "Dekusu" (デクス?).


Digital Monster X-Evolution

Main article: Dexmon (X-Evolution)

Digimon Chronicle

Main article: Dexmon (Chronicle)

Digimon D-Cyber

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Digimon World Re:Digitize: Decode

Digimon Battle

Dexmon is an obtainable Digimon.

Digimon Masters

Dexmon is a Burst Mode-level Mercenary Digimon which has a Riding Mode, once the "Death-X Seat" has been applied to it. Dexmon digivolves from DexDorugoramon at level 70, once the "Death-X Antibody" has been applied to it.

Digimon Heroes!

Death-X-mon is an obtainable Digimon. There is also card in which it is fighting against Alphamon Ouryuken.

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