DexDoruGreymon is a Ghost Digimon and a carrier of the X Antibody. It is a Digimon of the Prototype Digimon "DORU Series" that was experimented on in search of further digivolutions, and was said to, at the time of the experiment, resemble its final form. Since it keeps preying on the Digicores of other Digimon, it is active despite its deceased condition, and is seeking a massive Digicore in order to digivolve. As it instinctively hunts for Digicores, the eye portions of its head and snout are covered in armor, and the sharp tips of the blades on its tail and wings are used to skewer many Digimon and then prey on their Digicores.[4]


  • Bloody Cave
  • Metal Meteor


DexDoruGreymon is the corrupted version of DoruGreymon. Unlike its living counterpart, DexDorugreymon’s body is predominantly black with blood red wings, paws, head and back of the neck. Blade like protrusions are seen on its neck and its tail has unravelled into numerous tendrils surrounding a metallic tendril ending in a vicious looking drill like tip. It wears a metallic mask that covers its upper face, leaving no visible eyes, a large saw like horn and an interface identical to DexDorugamon. The mask has straps over the lower jaw, which is constantly hanging open with a forked tongue lolling out.


Death-X-DORUguremon (デクスドルグレモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in Japanese and some American English media. English media format "DORU" without capitalization.

  • Death-X.
  • (Ja:) Gure. Romanization of "gre" which may come from Grey.

Official name given by the Digimon Encyclopedia and used in American English media.

  • (Ja:) Death-X, directly from "Dekusu" (デクス?).
  • From "DORU" but without capitalization.
  • (En:) Grey, meaning "old" or "ancient".


Digital Monster X-Evolution[]

Digimon D-Cyber[]

Digimon Battle[]

DexDoruGreymon is the ultimate form of Dorumon, digivolves from DexDorugamon at lv.31, and can digivolve to DexDorugoramon.

There was also a "Rent a Mutant Dorimon!" event in which an NPC gives a special Dorimon whose Digivolutions are Dorumon, Guardromon, DexDoruGreymon, and Raijinmon.

Digimon Masters[]

DexDorugreymon is an Ultimate-level Mercenary Digimon that digivolves from DexDorugamon and can digivolve to DexDorugoramon.

Digimon Heroes![]

Death-X-Doruguremon digivolves from Death-X-Dorugamon and can digivolve to Death-X-Dorugoramon.

Notes and references[]