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Devimon Showdown
(Viesu Debimon)
"VS Devimon"
Publisher Saikyō Jump
Digimon.net (Re-release/English release)
Release date (Ja:) March 3, 2023
(En:) October 22, 2023
Written by Ten'ya Yabuno
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Upon the group reaching the castle and running into Devimon, Wizardmon explains that Feresmon's Demon Shout ability can control the actions of other Digimon. It theorizes that it must've used this ability to force the Witchelny residents to agree to get rid of magic, then explains that it had lost to Feresmon once before because of this powerful ability. The others are shocked, with Wizardmon explaining its friends had arrived just in time to stop it from stabbing itself to death with its own staff. It explains that the Demon Shout technique, alongside Feresmon's magical power enhancement, had made Devimon into nothing more than a mindless beast — a fact that shocked the others in that it would do that to one of its own allies. Pulsemon attacks Devimon with its digivolved Bulkmon arm but is easily defeated by the mindless Devimon.

Pulsemon, upset at losing, calls out how unfair it is that Devimon was cheating — especially as it had worked so hard at trying to get stronger itself by spending so much time at the gym. It asks Wizardmon to power it up with magic but Wizardmon points out that if it did it would no match match for Devimon since a powered up Rookie would still be weaker than a powered up Champion. It also says that the magic could overload its body with it not being safe to use on a Digimon not used to the power and tries to get Ritsu to reason with its own partner but Ritsu instead agrees with Pulsemon and tells Wizardmon to use the magic. With Wizardmon still refusing to power up Pulsemon, Pulsemon mocks it saying that their magic actually sucks with Wizardmon stating it wasn't stupid enough to fall for such childish tricks. Gatomon however, yells out that their magic doesn't suck and proceeds to use its own magic to power up Pulsemon. Now more powerful, it uses its digivolved Bulkmon fist to defeat Devimon.

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