Destromon dw3
Level Ultimate[1]
Debut Digimon World 3
Prior forms Vemmon + Juggernaut[2]

Destromon is a Digimon. It is the result of the fusion between Vemmon with an experimental battleship known as "Juggernaut".


Destromon resembles an enormous, red, robotic dinosaur-like creature. This Digimon is armed with an enormous number of energy cannons on its wrists and shoulders; its main weapon is located on its chest.


Destromon (デストロモン)

Official romanization given by Digimon World 3 and used in the franchise.


Destromon was designed by αρχιμεδεs and was originally named "Juggernamon" (ジャガーノモン?).[1]


Digimon World 3

Destromon is first mentioned by the Zhu Que Chief who informs Junior that they plan to unleash the Juggernaut from Magasta. Eventually, Junior ventures there to stop it but he is too late.

The Juggernaut is forced into battle with a naval fleet, and A.o.A makes use of Vemmon to fuse itself with the Juggernaut, thus forming Destromon which is far more powerful than the Juggernaut itself, equipped with laser weapons and a giant energy cannon on its' chest; Destromon decimates the attacking fleet with ease and proceeds to attack Kusanagi City.

Realizing that they are unable to fight Destromon, Junior and his allies manage to find a way to shut it down and eventually destroy it. After defeating the four A.o.A chiefs located in each city on Amaterasu Server, Junior leads the attack on Amaterasu City and defeats the president of MAGAMI who becomes quite submissive following his defeat and informs the team that Destromon could be shut down by the computer that he is guarding. Teddy proceeds to the computer and is successful in shutting down the mechanical monstrosity just as it was about to launch its laser cannon and annihilate Kusanagi City.

In the opening cutscene, a Gallantmon and a Beelzemon stop fighting each other as they see Destromon approaching them.

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