A Destiny Stone (ホーリーストーン Hōrī Sutōn?, lit. "Holy Stone") is a relic that appears in Digimon Adventure 02. It is a sacred rock formation that regulates the boundary between the Digital World and the Real World, and is usually bound with a Holy Ring.


The Destiny Stones appear as an ancient structure of varying shape and color, located throughout the Digital World. Each of the Destiny Stones have a holy ring around it. The stones are very sturdy, easily able to withstand attack from several Ultimate Level Digimons, but the powerful BlackWarGreymon was able to destroy them with ease. If I Only Had A Heart


Digimon Adventure 02

The seven Destiny Stones act as the "cores" of the Digital World, and when they are tampered with, the Digital World suffers.[please confirm] As they are destroyed, the boundary between the Digital and Real Worlds falters, causing Digimon to appear in the Real World.

Destroying the Destiny Stones is originally one of Arukenimon and Mummymon's many schemes to break down the barrier between the worlds following the continuous destructions of the Control Spires by the DigiDestined. Mummymon and Arukenimon first come across a Destiny Stone and begin attempting to destroy it. They are delayed by the DigiDestined, who attempt to stop them from further damaging the Digital World. At the same time, BlackWarGreymon is having a discussion with Agumon about life. However, the discussion is cut short when several blows are made to the Destiny Stone, causing BlackWarGreymon—for unknown reasons—a great amount of pain. BlackWarGreymon flies away from Agumon and destroys the Destiny Stone, despite the attempts to stop him by the DigiDestined. If I only had a Heart

BlackWarGreymon proceeds to destroy all the Destiny Stones, to the delight of Mummymon and Arukenimon. The DigiDestined try and fail to stop him every time, but one time come close when Angemon uses the power of a Destiny Stone to digivolve to MagnaAngemon. MagnaAngemon is nearly able to defeat BlackWarGreymon, but dedigivolves when BlackWarGreymon manages to destroy the Stone anyway. Initially BlackWarGreymon's motive to destroy them is the pain he is caused when they are tampered with. Later, when BlackWarGreymon destroys another Destiny Stone, a Digimon appears in the sky briefly. BlackWarGreymon—in belief that his destiny is to only destroy, and become the strongest Digimon, the conversation with Agumon forgotten—believes this Digimon to be his only worthy opponent. From then on BlackWarGreymon destroys the Destiny Stones to ultimately battle this Digimon. This Digimon is revealed to be Azulongmon, who appears when the DigiDestined use their Digivices on the last Destiny Stone. He easily subdues BlackWarGreymon and explains what's going on, prompting the Dragon Man Digimon to give up his quest to destroy the Stones, then goes off to plant seeds for new Destiny Stones to replace those that had been lost. Kyoto Dragon

List of Destiny Stones

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