Sprites of Tyrannomon, Mamemon, Veemon, Omnimon, Agumon, Kuwagamon, and Guilmon are displayed on a digital background.
  • Narrator: "Digital monsters, also known as "Digimon" were discovered in the late 20th century."
Numemon, Gomamon, and Lopmon are depicted in the Network.
  • Narrator: "They live in a place in the network called the "Digital World"."
Wizardmon, Greymon, Kuwagamon, and Beelzemon are depicted in the real world.
  • Narrator: "They occasionally appear in the real world, leaving their mark on those they meet..."
They are replaced by Diaboromon, Machinedramon, Zhuqiaomon, and Omnimon.
  • Narrator: "as friends...or even as enemies..."
They fade away.
  • Narrator: "Still, memories fade. And now as winter reaches its end..."
The scene transitions to a snowy day on the street, where Pusurimon has appeared on The Protagonist's phone and is ambling around.
  • Narrator: "a Digimon found its way onto your smartphone."
  • Pusurimon b "Nice to meet you!"
  • Narrator: "It moves freely around your screen, and even talks to you."
  • Pusurimon b "I'm hungry! So hungry!"
  • Narrator: "Over time you've grown fond of the Digimon and forged a close relationship."
  • Pusurimon b "The Protagonist! Any plans?"
  • Narrator: "Around the world, more and more people just like you are encountering Digimon."
The scene fades to the snow drifting in the dark.
Scene 1
The scene opens up on a strange, bright digital space.
  • Spiral Hive Mind: "Connection lost. That should have destroyed it. Still...Such complexity begets an advanced level of existence...The world will change. What exists between humans and Digimon. Destroy...Finally...it will be Observed. It's finally beginning."
The scene returns to The Protagonist's phone.
  • Pusurimon b "The Protagonist! Welcome back! Where did you go? Was it fun?"

It was really fun!
  • Pusurimon b "Hehe! That's great!"
I met with some friends.
  • Pusurimon b "Oh! Friends! Yay!"
The Protagonist travels to the subway and onto their train.
  • Pusurimon b "Hey, the train's here! Tired, The Protagonist? Rest! Don't worry. Will wake you up!"
The Protagonist nods off.
  • Pusurimon b "Sweet dreams!"
A digital flicker occurs, and data begins bubbling.
  • Pusirimon: "Huh...Something's wrong. What th— The Protagonist! Wake up! Something weird's going on!"
The Protagonist opens their eyes as the train's bell rings. and finds themselves on a strange, digital version of the train—a Digital Point. They glance around in confusion. We briefly see the train from outside, then move back in to see a multitude of polygons, Spirals, suddenly start flowing to one point and congeal into a Spiral-4004Y, which slaps The Protagonist's phone out of their hands and lunges at them. The phone begins to shine as Pusurimon shouts "あぶない!" and ReArises into the Digital Point.
  • Pusurimon b "I'll fight!"
  • Pusurimon b "Careful, The Protagonist! Stay back!"

What in the world?!
I-It came out of my phone?
  • Spiral b "...!"
The Spiral strikes Pusurimon.
  • Pusurimon b "Oof! I'll take you on! I have to protect The Protagonist!"
Pusurimon strikes back.
  • Spiral b "...?! ...!"
The Spiral strikes again.
  • Pusurimon b "...Woah! Eyowwww!"
The Spiral strikes again.
  • Pusurimon b "Oh no...This looks bad..."
The Spiral closes in on Pusurimon.

Pusurimon! That's enough!
Run away, Pusurimon!
Pusurimon begins to glow.
  • Pusurimon b "No! I want to protect you, The Protagonist! Pusurimon, digivolve to..."
Pusurimon digivolves to Herissmon.
  • Herissmon b "Herissmon!"
  • Spiral b "...?!"
  • Herissmon b "I have to win!"