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"Destiny In Doubt"
(Hōrī Pointo wo Mamore)
"Defend the Holy Point"
(Ja:) Fuji Television
(En:) Saban Entertainment
Airdate (Ja:) November 26, 2000
(En:) February 24, 2001
Written by (Ja:) Reiko Yoshida
(En:) Seth Walther, Jeff Nimoy, Bob Buchholz
Directed by (Ja:) Takao Yoshizawa
Chief Anim.
Shigetaka Kiyoyama
Art Tetsuhiro Shimizu
Toei Animation
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The appearance of a mystery Digimon, after the destruction of another Destiny Stone, prompts BlackWarGreymon further in his mission, and things aren't getting any easier for the DigiDestined.


DA02 ep34 recap

Episode recap for Destiny In Doubt.


BlackWarGreymon continues his destruction of Destiny Stones. Determined to find the stones before he does, the kids go out. Cody notices T.K's mood changes and goes with him on the search of the stones. BlackWarGreymon finds it as Angemon digivolves into MagnaAngemon when in contact with the Destiny Stone. He used his Gate of Destiny to try to suck up BlackWarGreymon but as he was about to be sucked in, he destroyed the destiny stone, reverting MagnaAngemon into Patamon, getting rid of the Gate. But then a mysterious Digimon appears in the sky.

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Featured characters[]

(Numbers indicate order of appearance. Bolded characters are fought by the protagonist(s), and italicized characters feature non-explicitly, e.g. voice, silhouette, image.)

Humans In-Training Rookie Champion Ultimate Mega Armor

Digimon Analyser[]

No Digimon are analysed in this episode.


(Number indicates order of occurrence.)

DemiVeemon 1 Veemon 4 Raidramon 9 DemiVeemon 15 Veemon 18 ExVeemon 22 Paildramon 35 Veemon
DemiVeemon b Arrow R Veemon b Arrow R Raidramon b Arrow RR Red DemiVeemon b Arrow R Veemon b Arrow R ExVeemon b Arrow R Paildramon b Arrow RR Red Veemon b
DigiEgg of Friendship b
(w/ Stingmon) + Wormmon
Poromon 1 Hawkmon 4 Halsemon 9 Poromon 15 Hawkmon 18 Aquilamon 25 Silphymon 35 Hawkmon
Poromon b Arrow R Hawkmon b Arrow R Halsemon b Arrow RR Red Poromon b Arrow R Hawkmon b Arrow R Aquilamon b Arrow R Silphymon b Arrow RR Red Hawkmon b
DigiEgg of Love b
(w/ Gatomon) + Gatomon
Upamon 1 Armadillomon 4 Digmon 9 Upamon 15 Armadillomon 30 Ankylomon 35 Armadillomon
Upamon b Arrow R Armadillomon b Arrow R Digmon b Arrow RR Red Upamon b Arrow R Armadillomon b Arrow R Ankylomon b Arrow R Red Armadillomon b
DigiEgg of Knowledge b
Patamon 4 Pegasusmon 9 Patamon 29 Angemon 31 MagnaAngemon 34 Patamon
Patamon b Arrow R Pegasusmon b Arrow R Red Patamon b Arrow R Angemon b Arrow R MagnaAngemon b Arrow RR Red Patamon b
DigiEgg of Hope b
Gatomon 4 Nefertimon 9 Gatomon 18 Nefertimon 24 Gatomon 25 Silphymon 35 Gatomon
Gatomon (Ringless) t Arrow R Nefertimon b Arrow R Red Gatomon (Ringless) t Arrow R Nefertimon b Arrow R Red Gatomon (Ringless) t Arrow R Silphymon b Arrow R Red Gatomon (Ringless) t
DigiEgg of Light b DigiEgg of Light b
(w/ Aquilamon) + Hawkmon
Stingmon 14 Wormmon 18 Stingmon 22 Paildramon 35 Wormmon
Stingmon b Arrow R Red Wormmon b Arrow R Stingmon b Arrow R Paildramon b Arrow RR Red Wormmon b
(w/ ExVeemon) + Veemon

Arukenimon (Human) 27 Arukenimon 32 Arukenimon (Human)
Arukenimon (Human) t Arrow R Blue Arukenimon b Arrow R Blue Arukenimon (Human) t

Mummymon (Human) 27 Mummymon 32 Mummymon (Human)
Mummymon (Human) t Arrow R Blue Mummymon b Arrow R Blue Mummymon (Human) t


Mummymon: "This is a pleasant drive, don't you think?"
Arukenimon: "Well, it would be if someone didn't keep interrupting my thought!"
Mummymon: "Sorry Arukenimon. When I'm with you I just... just..."
Arukenimon: "Just concentrate on the driving!"

—Mummymon's questionable driving skill is the pair's major roadblock.

Kari: "Imagine this is the Digital World and this line is our world, the Real World. Normally, they're kept separately, but if the plane gets off-kilter, they start mixing together, and then nothing's normal... And that Dark Ocean is another world, too."
T.K.: "That's not all... I'd be willing to bet that there's a whole bunch of other worlds out there, as well..."
Yolei: "Like a rainbow."
T.K.: "But look what happens if the balance is destroyed."
Davis: "Looks like it's all going down the drain!"
Kari: "Black."
Gatomon: "And in the end, every world might be covered in darkness, as dark as a black cat at midnight."
Davis: "We can't let that happen!"
T.K.: "You're right, and that's exactly why we have to protect the remaining Destiny Stones."

—T.K., Kari, and Gatomon explain the importance of their mission to the other DigiDestined.

Davis: "Let's go mop up BlackWarGreymon!"
Kari: "Wait, I got mail."
Davis: "Geez, Kari. You'd think 'I got mail' is your middle name."
Yolei: "Yeah. Kari, check that later."

—Kari's popularity gets her in trouble with her fellow DigiDestined.

Mummymon: "Do you see that?"
Arukenimon: "Gee, I'm not sure, it's only a hundred feet tall."

—The evil duo get their first glimpse at a strange Digimon in chains.

"It's like there are two sides to him, two people inside him... So who's talking now, the rational T.K. or the angry one? And which one's the real T.K.?"

Cody acknowledges a change in his friend under certain circumstances.

Cody: "But how can we destroy BlackWarGreymon if he's got a heart? It'd be like destroying you, Armadillomon."
Armadillomon: "What should we do?"
T.K.: "No, no! We have to destroy BlackWarGreymon. Even if he has a heart, it has been turned evil by the powers of darkness!"
Cody: "(thinking) Will you let your anger rule you, T.K.?"

—T.K.'s hatred of the dark forces continues to worry Cody.

"Not again... not again... It's just like when Angemon fought Devimon and sacrificed himself to save me. NO! No, I can't let that happen again! I can't lose him again!"

—The trauma of T.K.'s past experiences once again rears it's ugly head.

Davis: "T.K., Cody, hurry up! Rock the boat, rock the boat, rock the boat-"
Yolei: "I'm gonna rock your head if you don't be quiet!"

—Davis teases his friends and manages to annoy Yolei at the same time.

Other notes[]

Continuity errors

  • Unlike the previous or next destiny stones, no voids appear in this episode, in spite of TK pointing out that that's what happens when the worlds merge.
  • In the English dub, when running through the desert, Digmon says he wishes he could fly, despite being seen flying in numerous past episodes.
  • In the Malay dub, Joe's family name is mistakenly introduced as "Shirobi".

Animation errors

  • When the group sees Izzy entering the computer room, Kari's belt is the same yellow color as her shorts.
  • When T.K. is first seen sleeping, Patamon's feet are colored the same as his legs instead of black.
  • In T.K.'s nightmare, Angemon is shown missing the cloth between his left arm and right leg.
  • When Yolei tells the others that BlackWarGreymon is coming, the white feathers on Aquilamon's right wing are colored red instead.
  • Before Mummymon kicks Silphymon into the ground, Silphymon disappears for a brief moment.

Dubbing changes

  • Davis' "All going down the drain" comment is exclusive to the English dub.
  • The shot of Silphymon slapping Arukenimon is edited out.
  • The entire scene of Mummymon pointing his laser gun at Silphymon is edited out.

Digimon references

  • This episode shows a clip from the episode An Old Enemy Returns, when Cody thinks back to a previous occasion when T.K. lost his temper.

Miscellaneous trivia

  • Davis announces the episode title in the Japanese episode.
  • In this episode, after the fighting, the DNA Digimon revert to their standard forms rather than their Fresh (or in Gatomon's case, Rookie) forms.
  • When Kari receives an e-mail, the Japanese text is left untranslated in the English dub. The e-mail simply says it is from Ken.