Denemon Shinkai
(新海 電衛門 Shinkai Denemon)
Denemon Shinkai t
Appears in:Digimon Universe App Monsters
First appearance "A Message through "Time"—The Truth of the Appli Drive" [16]
Latest appearance "Our Singularity" [52]
Actor(s):(Ja:) Wataru Takagi
Known relatives Daughter-in-law
Haru Shinkai (grandson)
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Computer scientist

Denemon Shinkai (新海 電衛門 Shinkai Denemon?) is Haru Shinkai's late paternal grandfather. He was a computer scientist and the creator of Minerva. His voice is recorded in the App Drive and App Drive Duo.


Denemon is an old man with dark gray hair, and a broad, dark grey mustache. His eyes are an unknown color due to being covered by a pair of yellow glasses with purple lenses. He also wears a red, button-up collar shirt under a white lab coat, as well as khaki shorts with a black belt, and brown boots that are black at the bottom.


Denemon has a tendency to shout when speaking. He also doesn't like being photographed. A Message through "Time"—The Truth of the Appli Drive


Denemon Shinkai (新海 電衛門)

Name used in Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters, and official romanization given by DVD-Box 4's booklet.

  • Ja: Shinkai (新海?). Japanese surname that means "new ocean". Possibly a reference to the Net Ocean.
  • Ja: Denemon (電衛門 Denemon?). A Japanese masculine name composed of the kanji for "electricity" (?), "defense" (?), and "gate" (?). The "-mon" suffix is possibly a reference to Appmon.



Denemon Shinkai was at the Dartmouth Summer Research Project on Artificial Intelligence in 1956, where he talked with Marvin Minsky and John McCarthy, who he called "Min-chan" and "Makkun" respectively. At some point he created Minerva. In 2006, he witnessed Leviathan's birth and attack on Minerva. He later left a message in a video tape to be watched by App Drivers, saying they were the heroes meant to defeat Leviathan. Some years later, Haru, Gatchmon, Eri Karan, Dokamon, Torajiro Asuka, and Musimon watch the message left by him, and Timemon shows the them events of Minerva's creation, and Leviathan's attack on her.

A Message through "Time"—The Truth of the Appli Drive

After that, Denemon spent a long time doing everything he could to defeat Leviathan, who also tried to kill him multiple times. At some point, when Haru was still young A Message through "Time"—The Truth of the Appli Drive, Denemon became ill, and Leviathan hacked the hospital's machines in order to kill him. However, Denemon uploaded his mind to the Net Ocean in order to survive. In summer 2017, after the App Drives are destroyed, Denemon instructs Haru, Eri, Astora, and Rei on how to enter the Net Ocean, where he tells his story. He tells the App Drivers how to contact Minerva to get new App Drives. Bring Gatchmon Back! Grandpa Denemon's Test!

After Leviathan starts the Human Applification Project, Denemon once again contacts the App Drivers to help them rescue their Appmon. He tells the App Drivers how to awake Minerva to hack Leviathan's firewall. An Artificial Intelligence's Dream After Minerva sends a power up code to the God Appmon and is destroyed by Leviathan, Denemon encourages the App Drivers to finish the fight. When Leviathan is deleted, Denemon gets apprealized with the rest of humanity, but is now in an older and more feeble body, needing a cane to walk. At the Secret Base, he theorizes Minerva noticed Yujin had a heart, and that might be the reason she chose him as an App Driver. However, Astora doesn't find Denemon's explanation convincing. Our Singularity


Minerva and Leviathan!!

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