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Voice actor(s): (Ja:) Kōji Yada (Eng:) Michael Sorich
Partner(s): Blue Flare
Fusion Fighters United Army
Base Deckerdramon
Slide Evolution Deckerdramon Float Mode

Deckerdramon is a legendary alligator-like Digimon who protects the Forest Zone's Code Crown, and is said to be undefeated in battle.


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While he guards the Forest Zone, he is covered in a golden aura that makes him resemble a golden idol. However, when he joins Blue Flare, he reveals his true blue-and-brown color scheme.


Deckerdramon is a legendary Digimon who protects the Forest Zone's Code Crown, and is said to be undefeated in battle. Due to this, AxeKnightmon sought him out to join Midnight, but Deckerdramon ends up joining Blue Flare, as well as giving them the Code Crown, when he sees true love in Christopher's heart.

Welcome to the Jungle Zone! Rumble in the Jungle Zone! Disaster in the Dust Zone! Ballistamon's Bad-News: Blast From the Past! Deep Trouble in Canyon Land! Great Fusion! The Power of Friendship Final Fusion - The Fight For Earth!


  • Crocodile Cannons[1] (Deckerdra-Launcher): Shoots down any kind of Flying Digimon with a variety of anti-aircraft missiles.
  • Cyclone Crusher (Heavy Tailhook): Pulverizes the opponent with a mighty blow of his tail.

Other Forms

Deckerdramon Float Mode

Deckerdramon Float Mode

Deckerdramon Float Mode is a barge-like form of Deckerdramon that allows it to sail across the sea. He uses it to allow the others to ride on him when they arrive in the Gold Land.


Notes and references

  1. This attack is named "Double Decker Darts" in Digimon Fusion, "Disaster in the Dust Zone!" [21], and "Decker Launcher" in Digimon Fusion, "Hang on, Greymon! The Rise of Shoutmon DX" [34].