This article is about the Deathmon species who appears in C'mon Digimon. For the Digimon more widely known in the Japanese franchise as Deathmon, see Ghoulmon.
CD 17 01
Debut C'mon Digimon: The capering monster BUN
Partners Shin'ichirou Jōsaki
Death Airdramon
Death Devimon
Death Meramon
Death MetalGreymon
Death Tyranomon

Deathmon is a Digimon who can assume a "Death" form of any foe it has been uploaded with.


Deathmon is a bipedal creature with spotted limbs and sharp claws. Its defining feature is its face with its pronounced teeth, which its various forms share.


Name used in C'mon Digimon: The capering monster BUN. No official romanization available.


C'mon Digimon: The capering monster BUN

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