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BATTLE20: Death Struggle: Three Commanders!
(Shitou: Sanshougun!)
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Norn knows that the Digimon Twin are needed, but to do that, two Tamers have to complement each other. After Tsurugi's Data Link Digivice is destroyed, Zanbamon attacks. Meanwhile, Chaosdromon taunts MachGaogamon about how he is a killing machine which MachGaogamon can never stand up to. Yuu, angered, charges his Digisoul once more and heals MachGaogamon. In order to pierce the Red Digizoid, MachGaogamon uses a sound based attack which doesn't need to pierce defenses; even when Chaosdromon shuts it out and fires a Hyper Mugen Cannon, the same one that decimated Light City and would use it even with Barbamon's castle in the way, the sound damaged his aiming capabilities and the attack misses. Yuu pours all of his Digisoul into his Digivice iC for one attack and MachGaogamon uses a Red Digizoid claw stolen from Chaosdromon's previous attack to inflict a critical blow, breaking the Digivice in the process. This causes Chaosdromon to go berserk. Meanwhile, Murmukusmon tires of the weakness in his comrades and decides to end it with a Gehenna Flame, but Shou interrupts with the comment that Murmukusmon himself was once one to protect the host computer. Murmukusmon says that NEO is for the future, but Shou now questions a future built on the corpses of others. Destroying the black Data Link Digivice that is his last connection to Barbamon, Shou vows to save Norn by defeating Murmukusmon. In response, Barbamon draws the remaining Firewall into his attack to increase its power hundredfold. Shou then tells Tsurugi to watch—that the bond between Digimon and Tamer doesn't need a Digivice. Shining with his new, pure Digisoul, Shou roars that this is the purpose of humans as he peforms a Burst Charge, digivolving Peckmon to Ravemon.

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