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Days ~Aijou to Nichijou~ (Days ~愛情と日常~) is a single from Digimon Tamers. Days ~Aijou to Nichijou~ was the second ending theme song for Digimon Tamers.

CD Data

Catalog Number NECM-12015
Format CDA
Release Date October 10, 2001
Price ¥ 1,250

Track listing

# Title Translation Artist Length
1 "Days ~Aijou no Nichijou~" Days ~Love and the Ordinary~ Ai Maeda 4:57
2 "Let's Get Dream!" Ai Maeda 3:57
3 "Days ~Aijou no Nichijou~" Days ~Love and the Ordinary~ Original Karaoke 4:57
4 "Let's Get Dream!" Original Karaoke 3:55

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