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"Davis Cries Wolfmon"
豪勇進化! エクスブイモン
(Gōyū Shinka! Ekusubuimon)
"Brave Evolution! XV-mon"
(Ja:) Fuji Television
(En:) Saban Entertainment
Airdate (Ja:) September 3, 2000
(En:) December 2, 2000
Written by (Ja:) Yoshio Urasawa
(En:) Jeff Nimoy, Bob Buchholz
Directed by (Ja:) Takenori Kawada
Chief Anim.
Yoshitaka Yajima
Art Tetsuhiro Shimizu
Toei Animation
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While the rest of the group get on with rebuilding the Digital World, Davis has other plans, and hopes to catch Kari's attention by making Veemon digivolve to his Champion form.


DA02 ep22 recap

Episode recap for Davis Cries Wolfmon.


Knowing they need to clean up after Ken messed up in the Digi-World they help Digimon rebuild it. They help out, but suddenly Davis wants Veemon to normal digivolve like T.K., thinking Kari would like him more than T.K. He comes up with these crazy schemes to make him digivolve, all of which end in failure. Eventually, Veemon demands to know why Davis is trying to make him digivolve and Davis confesses. Veemon retorts that Gatomon wouldn't like him more if Davis could digivolve, to which Davis replies that she doesn't love him enough now. Veemon takes offense, but when Tortomon chases them, Veemon finally digivolves into ExVeemon! He defeats Tortomon and they go back to work.

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Featured characters[]

(Numbers indicate order of appearance. Bolded characters are fought by the protagonist(s), and italicized characters feature non-explicitly, e.g. voice, silhouette, image.)

Humans In-Training Rookie Champion

Digimon Analyser[]

DC toDC chouonDC taDC moDC n

Reptile Digimon

Special Move
Shell Phalanx
Tortomon: "I am Tortomon. I'm a Turtle type Digimon, but I hide my head from no one. I use my Strong Carapace attack to be hard on my enemies."

DC eDC kuDC suDC buDC iDC moDC n

Phantom Dragon Digimon

Signature Move
Strong Crunch
Special Move
X Laser
ExVeemon: "I feel like a new 'mon! Davis, wait 'til you see my Vee-Laser attack. It'll make my Vee-Headbutt look like a tap on the shoulder."


(Number indicates order of occurrence.)

DemiVeemon 1 Veemon 4 ExVeemon
DemiVeemon b Arrow R Veemon b Arrow R ExVeemon b

Poromon 2 Hawkmon
Poromon b Arrow R Hawkmon b

Upamon 3 Armadillomon
Upamon b Arrow R Armadillomon b


"Not only am I the best soccer player in school, I'm the best basketball player, too!"

Davis is just...Davis.

"Today's entre will be Tuna Surprise. Unfortunately, we didn't have any tuna. That's the surprise!"

RedVegimon serves lunch to the Gazimon.

"Come on, Veemon! You're slower than the U.S. mail!"

Davis runs from an angry Veemon after he tries to scare his partner into digivolving.

T.K.: "Let me get this straight. Davis is trying to trick Veemon so he'll digivolve to the Champion level?"
Kari: "Why does he always have some hair-brained scheme he's trying to pull off?"

—T.K. and Kari can't believe some of the things their leader comes up with.

Davis: "Of course, if Veemon would've digivolved to the Champion level in the first place, none of this would've happened?"
Veemon: "Again with the digivolving thing?"

—Davis throws Veemon under the bus.

Veemon: "Davis, please tell me this is just another trick!"
Davis: "Do you think I'm smart enough to think up something like this?!"
Veemon: "Good point!"

—Even Davis knows his limitations.

"Veemon digivolve to...ExVeemon!"

Veemon finally reaches his Champion form, ExVeemon.

Other notes[]

Animation errors

  • As Yolei and Cody run into the computer room, for a brief moment, Yolei's beret flashes the same color as her hair, then the same color as Upamon.
  • As Yolei is opening the gate to the Digital World, her D-3 has no buttons and is extremely elongated.
  • When Davis and Veemon are carrying a log, the Digimon helping them appear to be Vegiemon in one shot, then RedVegiemon in the next. Since Vegiemon do not feature anywhere else in this episode, it can probably be assumed that the error is in drawing RedVegiemon as Vegiemon (rather than vice-versa).
  • When T.K. is talking to Kari in the paddies, Gatomon's paws are colored white.
  • When Kari wonders where the others went, her right hand's fingers are misdrawn.
  • When Veemon turns around after the shot of MegaDancermon, his hands have four fingers instead of five.
  • When T.K., Kari and their Digimon watch Tortomon leave, the hole on Kari's left glove is missing.
  • When Davis asks Tortomon to wash his hands, Davis's left sleeve is entirely red.

Dubbing changes

  • The reason Veemon becomes mad at Davis in the original is because Davis hits him on the head (as part of his next plan to make Veemon digivolve). This moment is removed from the English dub.
  • In the original version, when Davis and Veemon run into Tortomon, they find him urinating, which is why he becomes angry with them. Following this, at the cliff-edge, Davis asks Tortomon to wash his hands before attacking them, making him even angrier. Then, after being defeated, Tortomon urinates again (explaining why Davis and ExVeemon cover their eyes), except this time, he does wash his hands. The scene is similar in the English dub, with the differences being after Tortomon saves Davis and Veemon from the boulder, he misinterprets the former's gratitude as having started the rockslide and the urinating scene is cut.

Digimon references

  • In the Japanese version, Veemon's imaginary MegaDancermon form is named UltraAngemon as a callback to Guardian Angel, where upon learning the thematic pairing between Patamon's Angemon digivolution and Gatomon's Angewomon digivolution, Davis wished to muscle in while one-upping T.K. at the same time. He used the name UltraAngemon there, which the American English dub chose to localize as AngeDinosaurmon and AngeSoccerPlayermon. The dub of this episode instead chooses to use a new joke instead of continuing with the reference.

Real-world references

Miscellaneous trivia

  • ExVeemon announces the episode title in the Japanese episode.
  • This episode is the first in the series to feature a digivolution to the Champion level with one of the new partner Digimon.
  • This episode shows Veemon developing a crush on Gatomon due to Davis' influence.
  • During the fight with Tortomon, ExVeemon shouts his attack, "ExVee-Punch!" and promptly throws a kick.
  • Patamon said that Kari is a great dancer, because Gatomon taught her those moves, so he asked her if she could teach him.
  • The image of ExVeemon emerged from the data stream during his digivolution sequence is different than it is in following episodes.