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The Dark Web (ダークウェブ Dāku Webu?) is an area featured in Digimon Universe App Monsters and Digimon Chronicle X.


Digimon Universe App Monsters

8-OP1JP Dark Web

The Dark Web is under the Deep Web. It is where Leviathan lives.

Digimon Chronicle X

The Dark Web is where Leviamon slept when King Drasil used the X-Program to kill 98% of all Digimon, and is next to the Dark Area. Both the Dark Web and the Dark Area were unaffected by the X-Program due to being on a different layer.

Due to how big Leviamon was, no other Digimon attempted to attack it out of fear. Lucemon would later awaken Leviamon in the Dark Web and then cause it to undergo X-Evolution so that it could use Leviamon X in its plan to kill the Royal Knights and destroy every Digital World.

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