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"Dark Sun, Dark Spore"
(Ankoku Digimon to no Shitō)
"Fight to the Death with the Dark Digimon"
(Ja:) Fuji Television
(En:) Saban Entertainment
Airdate (Ja:) February 11, 2001
(En:) April 28, 2001
Written by (Ja:) Hiro Masaki
(En:) Rebecca Forstadt
Directed by (Ja:) Noriyo Sasaki
Chief Anim.
Yukio Ebisawa
Art Tetsuhiro Shimizu
Toei Animation
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Ken comes face to face with his kidnapper, while Davis and the others are hot on the trail. Though, Daemon's servants aren't far behind, and the DigiDestined are soon caught up in a fight to the death.


DA02 ep44 Recap (LQ)

Episode recap for Dark Sun, Dark Spore.


After Ken is taken away by Arukenimon, the others follow her truck to retrieve him. However, even with support from Joe's brother Jim, they are unable to pursue him due to a railroad crossing that has a series of trains rush through it in rapid succession, buying the bad guys more and more time to escape while frustrating Jim and the others as they are forced to wait until it is safe to cross the tracks.

Meanwhile, Yolei and Kari were battling LadyDevimon when she cruelly takes a young skateboarder hostage as a human shield to prevent Silphymon from attacking her, causing a furious Yolei to strike her from behind with a skateboard to free the hostage and scold her for her cruelty. When LadyDevimon attacks her in retaliation, Silphymon killed her in self-defense when LadyDevimon's nails were mere inches from Yolei's face. Shakkoumon did the same to MarineDevimon when he endangers Jim, Cody, and T.K. while they were evacuating a hospital when MarineDevimon launched one of his tentacles through the window next to the stairs and nearly struck Cody as he wheeled a paraplegic patient to safety. Both Yolei and Cody are horrified and traumatized at the fact that their Digimon killed another one, but Kari and T.K. respectfully know they did the right thing to prevent any casualties. Meanwhile, Ken learns more about his past, Oikawa, the Dark Spores, and he found out that he kidnapped the kids, saying they wanted to come. He then makes copies of Ken's spore and transfers it to the kids. The Dark Spore made kids smarter and made them good at sports. Oikawa's truck was still being pursued by Davis but suddenly Daemon appears in front of the truck.

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Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance. Bolded characters are fought by the protagonist(s), and italicized characters feature non-explicitly, e.g. voice, silhouette, image.)

Humans Rookie Champion Ultimate Mega Armor

Digimon Analyser

No Digimon are analysed in this episode.


(Number indicates order of occurrence.)

Hawkmon 1 Aquilamon 2 Silphymon
Hawkmon b.jpg Aquilamon b.jpg Silphymon b.jpg
(w/ Gatomon)

Gatomon 3 Silphymon
Gatomon (Ringless) t.gif Silphymon b.jpg
(w/ Aquilamon)

Veemon 4 Raidramon
Veemon b.jpg Raidramon b.jpg
DigiEgg of Friendship b.png

Armadillomon 5 Ankylomon 7 Shakkoumon
Armadillomon b.jpg Ankylomon b.jpg Shakkoumon b.jpg
(w/ Angemon)

Patamon 6 Angemon 8 Shakkoumon
Patamon b.jpg Angemon b.jpg Shakkoumon b.jpg
(w/ Ankylomon)


Veemon: What is this, Grand Central Station?! Enough with the trains already!
Everyone else: Give us a break! Give us a break!

—The team loses their patience at the railroad tracks.

Mummymon: Wait! I think I hear something! Can you hear it too?
Arukenimon: No. Is it Daemon!?
Mummymon: The stars are gossiping to each other.
Arukenimon: Huh?
Mummymon: They're saying they know a two couple of Digimon that will make beautiful music together. Perhaps they're trying to tell us something. What do you think?
Arukenimon: Err! Did you say cute!? I hate cute!
Mummymon: I think it's a sign! C'mon gimme a big smooch! Let's celebrate!
Arukenimon: Crap it! Bandage Breath!
Mummymon: I-I'm the guy for you! You just don't know it yet! The star said so!
Arukenimon: Let me give you some advice. Give up star gazing and don't listen to musical.
Mummymon: Okay, you just tell me what's you're looking for and I'll be that. You don't like cute. You don't like star. Would you like a puppy?
Arukenimon: Urgh! Why don't you become invisible?
Mummymon: Arukenimon!

—Mummymon isn't going to make a cut as an astrologer.

Yolei: Stop that! What's the matter with you!? He is just an innocent kid! That's called fighting dirty! Coward!!
Kari: Watch it, Yolei! Be careful!
LadyDevimon: You think I'm a coward? You humans are so pathetic... with your honor and your compassion. I'll show you honor... I'll win!!

—LadyDevimon's twisted sense of honor

Yolei: Oh, no...
Silphymon: You have to understand, I didn't have a choice. You were in great danger.
Yolei: You vaporized her... She's...finished. I made a mistake...

—Yolei traumatized by Silphymon forced to kill LadyDevimon in cold blood to save her life

Other notes

Animation errors

  • In the English dub, when Cody and T.K. arrive at the hospital with Joe's brother, T.K.'s mouth moves but no speech is heard (he is heard speaking in the original).

Dubbing changes

  • In the Japanese version, Silphymon asks the teens to flee using Gatomon's voice first and Aquilamon's polite voice later. The English and Latin American dubs have him speaking with both voices in unison.

Digimon references

Miscellaneous trivia

  • Yolei announces the episode title in the Japanese episode.