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The Dark Network is Etemon´s main source of power and influence as well as his trump card.

Through it, Etemon can strike or monitor his enemies from afar.

In Digimon Adventure, it is located on Server Continent and widespread all across the large desert which comprises Etemon´s domain.

Etemon uses it to attack the DigiDestined directly and indirectly several times.

When Etemon was thought to be destroyed when Datamon activated the main body of his network, Etemon surprised the children by not only surviving but becoming even stronger than before, essentially as strong as he would be while at the Ultimate level.

However, the might of MetalGreymon proved too much for even Etemon´s enhanced power and he was cast into a limbo-like space after being defeated.

However, the Dark Network remained active and its power, combined with Etemon´s rage, triggered his digivolution to MetalEtemon.

Now a Mega Digimon, his power in league with both WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon, as well as that of the Dark Masters, MetalEtemon proved to be an even more formidable foe than Etemon.

He now boasted more than enough power to easily kill another Mega Digimon, such as SaberLeomon, with a single attack.

He suffered no damage at all from the powerful attacks of the Megas SaberLeomon and Puppetmon as well as the mighty Ultimate Zudomon due to his full metal coating of nigh-indestructible and almost impenetrable Chrome Digizoid.

However, his existence came to an end when Zudomon hurled his hammer, also made of Chrome Digizoid, at his foe, cracking its chest, allowing SaberLeomon to attack the flesh underneath and deal him a fatal blow.

After cursing the DigiDestined and swearing revenge, MetalEtemon disintegrated and disappeared with an echoing death scream.

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