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BATTLE15: Dark Area!
(Dāku Eria!)
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As Shou reveals his persona as Knight, Chaosdromon and the Commandments bombard the hidden base. When Shou orders Peckmon to take the Digimemories, Tsurugi has Koromon digivolve to GeoGreymon and fight back. As the Digimon fight, Shou explains his reasoning—back in the human world, Shou has been protecting kids from bullies and in the process, has his Digimon Mini containing his Peckmon destroyed. Barbamon then calls him to the Digital World, showing that he has saved Peckmon from death. He then gives Shou his black Digimon Mini, which allows him to transfer between worlds. In order to fight the suffering of "Art" Digimon caused by human Tamers, Shou swore fealty to Barbamon and became his Knight. Saying that the future is for NEO, who will bring Digimon true happiness as well as save Norn, Shou emits a Dark Digisoul which he combines with a black Digivice iC to digivolve Peckmon to Crowmon. Crowmon then uses Haguro to call a portal to the Dark Area. In a clash of ideals, Shou says that in order to create a better future, he needs to destroy the present—and Barbamon has ideal justice on his side. As GeoGreymon sinks into Haguro, Tsurugi dives after him until both are covered in darkness. For a beat, it looks as if they are dead, but a shining light breaks the darkness and RizeGreymon and Tsurugi burst out, denying that justice can come from destruction and slaughter.

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