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Danger Erupts!
火山デジモン, 大爆発!
(Kazan Dejimon, Daibakuhatsu!)
"Volcano Digimon, A Great Eruption!"
Airdate (Ja:) August 17, 2010
(En:) November 3, 2013
Toei Animation
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The Fusion Fighters enter the Magma Zone, and discover that the Bagra Army has enslaved its inhabitants.


After departing from the Island Zone, the Fusion Fighters arrive in the Magma Zone. Thrown off balance by the sulfur, they find a hot spring and decide to relax. Their break is ruined when SkullMeramon and BlueMeramon as well as a legion of RedMeramons arrive. As a fight breaks out, with the Fusion Fighters losing, Cutemon arrives and protects Angie. SkullMeramon attacks Cutemon, but Mikey protects him with his body. Dorulumon intervenes, and he and BlueMeramon recognize each other before SkullMeramon calls a retreat. While Cutemon heals Mikey, who once more attempts to convince Dorulumon to join their team, Angie asks what they're doing traveling so far. Cutemon explains he was separated from his parents when the Bagra Army attacked his village. He then set off to find them, only to be harassed by a gang of Goblimon who Dorulumon dispatched. Though reluctant at first, Dorulumon allowed Cutemon to accompany him after hearing his story. Despite Dorulumon's insistence to travel alone, Mikey then proceeds to follow him and Cutemon further into the Magma Zone.

At the Bagra Army's Magma Zone branch base, SkullMeramon reports to his superior, AncientVolcanomon, about the Fusion Fighters. After being being calmed down by a team of Frigimons after literally blowing his top, AncientVolcanomon demands the Fusion Fighters' capture. By that time, as Mikey explains to Shoutmon that he feels Dorulumon should be with them due to the dream, the group stumble on a ruin where several Digimon are being forced to find the Code Crown. Mikey opts to free the Digimon as Dorulumon explains finding the Code Crown is of no concern to him. However, making their move after sunset, the Fusion Fighters' infiltration ends up playing into SkullMeramon's trap with Mikey losing his Fusion Loader and Angie recovering it before being cornered. Luckily, having heard from a discarded Bearmon that Cutemon's parents are in the dungeon, Dorulumon returns to offer a helping hand. Mikey then forms Shoutmon X3 and defeats SkullMeramon with Cutemon's support. However, the victory is short lived as AncientVolcanomon comes in, furious over his forces defeated.

Featured Characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance. Bolded characters are fought by the protagonist(s), and italicized characters feature non-explicitly, e.g. voice, silhouette, image.)

Humans Rookie Champion Ultimate Mega Armor Xros


6-07 Analyzer-01 JP

6-07 Analyzer-02 JP

6-07 Analyzer-03 JP

6-07 Analyzer-04 JP

6-07 Analyzer-05 JP


6-07 Analyzer-06 JP

6-07 Analyzer-07 JP

6-07 Analyzer-08 JP

6-07 Analyzer-09 JP


Data Files

EnemySearch-Greymon Greymon
Type: Dinosaur
Special Moves
Mega Flame
Atomic Tail
Horn Strike
Monitamon: "Greymon. A Dinosaur-Type Digimon whose techniques include his Mega Flame attack, which hits the enemy with an intense, fiery blast. And to let you in on a little secret, you know, just between us, it also roasts up some super-tasty shish kabob and hot dogs."
Shoutmon: You use it for barbecuing?!"
Monitamon: "And for making s'mores!"

EnemySearch-Greymon Greymon
Type: Dinosaur
Special Moves
Mega Flame
Blaster Tail
Horn Strike
Monitamon: "Greymon. Its technique includes mowing down the enemy with its intense flame, Mega Flame! You can roast things over and over in it! First, some salted beef tongue for three!"
Shoutmon: "You're using it to cook meat?!"
Monitamon: "And some galbi, too!"


(Number indicates order of occurrence.)

Shoutmon 1 Shoutmon X2 2 Shoutmon 5 Shoutmon X3 6 Shoutmon
Shoutmon t Arrow R.png Shoutmon X2 t Arrow R Red.png Shoutmon t Arrow R.png Shoutmon X3 t Arrow R Red.png Shoutmon t
(w/ Ballistamon) + Ballistamon (w/ Ballistamon, Dorulumon) + Ballistamon, Dorulumon
Ballistamon 1 Shoutmon X2 2 Ballistamon 5 Shoutmon X3 6 Ballistamon
Ballistamon t Arrow R.png Shoutmon X2 t Arrow R Red.png Ballistamon t Arrow R.png Shoutmon X3 t Arrow R Red.png Ballistamon t
(w/ Shoutmon) + Shoutmon (w/ Shoutmon, Dorulumon) + Shoutmon, Dorulumon
Starmon 3 Rare Star Sword 4 Starmon
Starmon (2010 anime) t Arrow R.png 6-03 Rare Star Sword Arrow R Red.png Starmon (2010 anime) t
(w/ Pickmons) + Pickmons
Silver Pickmons 3 Rare Star Sword 4 Silver Pickmons
Pickmon (Silver) t Arrow R.png 6-03 Rare Star Sword Arrow R Red.png Pickmon (Silver) t
(w/ Starmon, Red Pickmon) + Starmon, Red Pickmon)
Red Pickmon 3 Rare Star Sword 4 Red Pickmon
Pickmon (Red) t Arrow R.png 6-03 Rare Star Sword Arrow R Red.png Pickmon (Red) t
(w/ Starmon, Silver Pickmons) + Starmon, Silver Pickmons)
Dorulumon 5 Shoutmon X3 6 Dorulumon
Dorulumon t Arrow R.png Shoutmon X3 t Arrow R Red.png Dorulumon t
(w/ Shoutmon, Ballistamon) + Shoutmon, Ballistamon


There are currently no quotes listed for this episode.

Other notes

Animation errors

  • In the American dub, the analyzers for AncientVolcanomon and the Frigimon are listed as "Volcanomon" and "Yukidarumon", though in later episodes they are named as "AncientVolcanomon" and "Frigimon" in dialogue.

Dubbing changes

  • In the American dub, many changes are made to the hot spring scene:
    • A bikini top is edited onto Angie.
    • In the Japanese version, when Angie notices SkullMeramon watching the Fusion Fighters, she makes a very scared expression. This expression is removed in the dub.
    • In the Japanese version, when Angie warns the others of SkullMeramon's presence, Jeremy covers himself thinking she is peeping them. This part is removed from the dub.
    • The part where Mikey and Jeremy cover themselves with Starmon and a Pickmon is removed.
  • Despite retaining them in earlier seasons, the axes in the heads of the Pumpkinmon are removed, but in the next episode they are redone as stems.
  • The impact of SkullMeramon striking Mikey is censored.

Digimon references

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