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(Shūketsu Kyūkyoku no Seisen)
Airdate (Ja:) June 13, 2021
(En:) June 12, 2021 (subbed)
Toei Animation
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The DigiDestined start new adventures to prevent the Great Catastrophe. Tai and Sora reach an island with a volcano. When they help Junkmon build a wall to protect the Digimon living on the island, an eruption occurs.


Following after the DigiDestined parted ways on their new adventure to learn the secret behind the Crests, Sora and Tai crash-land their Mekanorimon on a volcanic island, but are rescued from serious injury by a Junkmon and his workers, who put safety first above anything else. After Junkmon explains what his workers are doing with building reinforcing walls to deal with the volcano when it erupts, reinforcing his "safety first" motto, he has Tai, Sora, and their partners aid him. When the volcano does tremble a bit, Junkmon raises an alarm, and though everyone takes precautions, Biyomon is injured protecting Sora. Once the danger is over, Biyomon is treated for her injuries, but Sora is left frightened by what happened and becomes overly-protective of Biyomon. This leads to Biyomon angrily telling Sora she hates her before running off.

Later, Junkmon explains to Sora that protecting his workers is a double-edged sword as they protect him in return, building trust between them. Realizing her error, Sora prepares to go apologize to Biyomon, but the volcano suddenly erupts, forcing Junkmon to raise the alarm to evacuate as lava begins to emerge from the crater, warning Sora that when dealing with nature, your life's safety comes first. Tai and MetalGreymon move to aid in evacuating those Digimon who couldn't get away in time, but Junkmon and Sora are wounded by a lava bomb. Luckily, Biyomon reunites with Sora, apologizing for what she said earlier, and with amends made, Birdramon leaves Junkmon with Tai and MetalGreymon, and Sora orders everyone to evacuate to the ocean shore while she and Garudamon deal with the lava, but are soon engulfed by it.

However, Sora and Garudamon are unharmed, and their trust and love in each other allows Garudamon to digivolve to her Mega form of Phoenixmon, who manages to draw all the lava skyward into a single column where it hardens and becomes like a pillar of crystal, and also heal Junkmon of his own wounds, leaving Tai and MetalGreymon amazed at the sight. When everything is over, it is clear that the Digivice's compass still says to continue onward, but while Sora and Birdramon head one way, Tai and Agumon decide to head back to join Joe, T.K., and Kari at the hot springs with Junkmon.

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Junkmon favorite saying is 'Safety first'.