Damemon is a character in Digimon Fusion. He is a tiny, robotic Digimon that acts very clumsily, diverting suspicion from himself, but his true form is as a robotic ninja named Tuwarmon. He originally worked with Tyutyumon as a spy for AxeKnightmon, but eventually took his place as Ewan Amano's partner.


Damemon was accidentally born when the drifting waste data of scum in the Digital World's dust randomly combined and mutated. Since "No good, no good!" (ダメダメ! Damedame!?) is his favorite phrase, he has a bad habit of criticizing people without reading the atmosphere, regardless of the person or situation.[2] In the Japanese version, he has a habit of saying English phrases.

When Ewan Amano hid at a playground while grieving at the death of his grandmother, SkullKnightmon had Damemon appear before him, cheering him up and luring him into the Digital Space, where SkullKnightmon handed him his Fusion Loader and had him digifuse him with Axemon to become AxeKnightmon. Damemon left alongside the larger Digimon, who invited the boy to join a game in "a world where no one dies" once he grew older. The Darkest Dark General Of All!

Later, Lilithmon found Damemon and brought him to the Bagra Army's headquarters to serve as the empire's clown, and he installed himself there as a spy before anyone noticed. His habit of constantly criticizing those around him helped him blend in, and made Tactimon and Blastmon see him as a mere nuisance.[3]

Welcome to the Jungle Zone! Rumble in the Jungle Zone! Disaster in the Dust Zone!

Despite the revival of the other Digimon deleted in the Xros War, Damemon did not reappear, causing Ewan to feel extremely guilty for carelessly exploiting his friend, and when the Digimon Hunt begins, Ewan develops a strong amount of friction with Tagiru due to the latter's much-more lax attitude to hunting and fighting Digimon. In truth, Damemon had indeed revived, but had chosen to keep himself hidden to determine what kind of person Ewan had become.[citation needed]

Early on in the Hunt, Ewan tries to protect Cutemon from being hunted by Airu Suzaki, and eventually attempts to intercept an attack launched by her partner Cho Hakkaimon at Cutemon. It is at this moment that Damemon finally reveals himself and blocks the attack, explaining that he was waiting for this moment and was happy to see that Ewan had become stronger than the last time. Warning, Cuteness! The Cute Hunter Airu's Traps!


  • Bunbun Ken (ブンブン拳? lit. "Buzzing Punch"): Rotates his tonfa and barely hits the target, making it more useful for making the opponent flinch than inflicting damage.
  • Gun Vulcan: Fires, from hidden guns in his feet and tonfas, small, black, mysterious objects that spread a foul smell, doing more to make the opponent repulsive than to inflict damage, and causing them to lose their fighting spirit. He is always careful, because he is angered at Digimon living in the area if he isn't completely cleaned after he shoots.
  • Boo~st Attack: Spreads a lot of smelly gasses as he strikes, so that even he doesn't know where he will fly off to, inflicting a lot of emotional damage to the opponent due to the hit and the smelly gasses.
  • Warrior Transformation (デジ忍法・武人変化 Digi Ninpou: Bujin Henge?, lit. "Digi Ninja Art: Warrior Transformation"): Transforms into Tuwarmon.

Other forms



  • Mantis Dance: Transforms the Mantis Arm while whirling violently like he was dancing, cleaving apart the opponent in a certain-kill sword performance until there's nothing left.
  • Smokin' Boogie: Fires out rainbow-colored fumes and shells in all directions from the Punpun Armor, inflicting damage on the opponent while keeping himself hidden.
  • Mantis Arm: Throws the Mantis Arm at the opponent.
  • Digi Ninpou: Inja Fukkatsu (デジ忍法・隠者復活? lit. "Digi Ninja Art: Hermit Restoration"): Releases a seal containing a stored ally.
  • Digi Ninpou: Kawarimi no Jutsu (デジ忍法・変わり身の術? lit. "Digi Ninja Art: Body Replacement Technique"): Instantly switches places with a Tuwarmon-shaped dummy in order to evade an enemy attack.
  • Ninpou: Fūjinha (忍法・風神波? lit. "Ninja Art: Fūjin's Waves"): Generates a powerful downwash of wind.
  • Digi Ninpou: Kumo Shibari (デジ忍法・クモ縛り? lit. "Digi Ninja Art: Spider Bind"): Casts electrified threads from his hands which form into a spiderweb that captures the opponent.
  • Digi Ninpou: Furoshiki Dzutsumi (デジ忍法・風呂敷包み? lit. "Digi Ninja Art: Furoshiki Wrapping"): Instantly ties the opponent up in a cloth sack.
  • Digi Ninpou: Kawashimi no Jutsu (デジ忍法・かわし身の術? lit. "Digi Ninja Art: Body Dodging Technique"): Dodges in the blink of an eye to evade an enemy attack.

Ruthless Tuwarmon

Ruthless Tuwarmon t.gif

Ruthless Tuwarmon is the DigiFuse of Tuwarmon and Axemon. Tuwarmon equips Axemon's armor to his body and wields his weapons, increasing his speed and attack power.

Ewan Amano digifuses Ruthless Tuwarmon to both display his digifuse capabilities and to fight the Fusion Fighters United Army. Ruthless Tuwarmon is able to deflect MetalGreymon's attacks and then harm him, but Ewan disengages the digifuse before he can be hit by Shoutmon X5B. Ewan and The Land of Illusion

Ruthless Tuwarmon Beast Mode

Ruthless Tuwarmon Beast Mode t.gif

Ruthless Tuwarmon Beast Mode is a result of the DigiFuse of Tuwarmon, Axemon, Apollomon's Sun Army, consisting of Sethmon, Dobermon, Grizzlymon, Bullmon, Oryxmon, and Gorillamon, and the energy from the Digital Underworld. He channels the power of the Digital Underworld in his attacks.

When Mikey and Nene confront Ewan with the fact that the Digital World is real, Ewan goes into denial, and digifuses Tuwarmon with all of the Digimon around him and the energy of the Digital Underworld. Though strong enough to face individual members of the Fusion Fighters United Army, he is unable to face Shoutmon X7. The battle forces Ewan to acknowledge that both human and Digimon feel real pain in the Digital World. Tuwarmon disengages the DigiFuse and flees when Shoutmon X7 proves to completely outrank him, sustaining heavy injuries in the process. The Battle of The Young Generals


  • Tuwarmon Missile Storm: Fires the spikes on his shoulders as missiles.
  • Ultimate Firestorm (Burning Boogie): Shoots the Digital Underworld's fire and lava from the Punpun Armor at the opponent.
  • Mad Mantis Dance (Hell's Mantis Dance): An advanced version of Mantis Dance.


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A Great Legendary Hero Gathering! The Digimon All-star Showdown!!


  • Digi Ninpou: Hoshi Arashi (デジ忍法・星嵐? lit. "Digi Ninja Art: Star Storm"): Unleashes a stream of stars from his hand.

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Notes and references

  1. In Digimon Fusion, Tuwarmon was the "true form", while Damemon was a weaker form he could transform into at will. In Hunters due to being reborn after death, Damemon could no longer be Tuwarmon naturally, so had to rely on Digivolution
  2. TV Asahi Character and Digimon: Damemon
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