This article is about the Damemon introduced in Digimon Fusion. For the Digimon introduced in C'mon Digimon also known as Damemon, see Damemon (C'mon Digimon).

Damemon is a Mutant Digimon. It is a Digimon that was accidentally born when the waste data drifting through the Digital World randomly combined. Since "No good, no good!" (ダメダメ! Damedame!?) is its favorite phrase, it has a bad habit of criticizing people without reading the atmosphere, regardless of the person or situation. Although it is the sort of person that is definitely the #1 "No good, no good!", somehow it has gotten by with the help of its partner, Tyutyumon. Together with Tyutyumon, Damemon can finally be said to be a full Digimon. Tyutyumon stays on the "Tyutyu Tray" on the back of Damemon's head, and takes it along to various places to go play. When the two of them are together, every day is Priceless.[4]


  • Buzzing Fist (ブンブン拳 Bunbun Ken?, lit. "Buzzing Punch"): Rotates its tonfa and barely hits the target, making it more useful for making the opponent flinch than inflicting damage.
  • Gun Vulcan: Fires, from hidden guns in its feet and tonfa, small, black, mysterious objects that spread a foul smell, doing more to make the opponent repulsive than to inflict damage, and causing them to lose their fighting spirit. It is always careful, because it is angered at Digimon living in the area if it isn't completely cleaned after it shoots.
  • Boo~st Attack: Spreads a lot of smelly gasses as it strikes, so that even it doesn't know where it will fly off to, inflicting a lot of emotional damage to the opponent due to the hit and the smelly gasses.
  • Warrior Transformation (デジ忍法・武人変化 Digi Ninpou: Bujin Henge?, lit. "Digi Ninja Art: Warrior Transformation"): Transforms into Tuwarmon.



Damemon (ダメモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.

  • Ja: Dame! (ダメ! lit. "No good!"?). Likely named after the catchphrase of Digimon Xros Wars's Damemon, which was later added to its Reference Book profile.


Damemon's name was determined by the "Become this Digimon's Namer!" contest held by the official Toei website for Digimon Xros Wars, open to CLUB@Pero members and lasting from October 21, 2010 to November 23, 2010, which also rewarded all entrants with a limited wallpaper. Damemon was simply labeled ?mon for its first two appearances in Digimon Fusion.


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