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The Daemon Corps are a group of Digimon that serve as antagonists in Digimon Adventure 02, named for their leader and master, Daemon. Their ranks consist of Daemon himself, SkullSatamon, LadyDevimon and MarineDevimon. They sought the Dark Spore contained within Ken Ichijouji, for reasons that were undisclosed.

List of members[]


Daemon (Mantled) t

Daemon is the leader of the Daemon Corps.

He first made himself known to the DigiDestined after his minion SkullSatamon was destroyed by Imperialdramon Fighter Mode.

He demanded that Ken Ichijouji come with him so he could use the Dark Spore's power for his own ends. Arukenimon then appeared with a truckload of "kidnapped" children and convinced Ken to come with her. Daemon refused to let Yukio Oikawa get away with it and sicked his other two minions LadyDevimon and MarineDevimon on his truck.

However, after the two were destroyed by Silphymon and Shakkoumon, respectively, Daemon took matters into his own hands and stopped the truck and demanded Ken be handed over or else.

Although Oikawa was willing to let him take Ken, as he had already implanted the copied Dark Spores, Daemon had to deal with the DigiDestined as well.

Despite receiving everything they could throw at him, Daemon was too powerful to defeat. They decided to open a gate to the Digital World to send Daemon back there, but even while holding off their attacks, Daemon opens a gateway himself, telling them that banishing him to the DigiWorld was pointless, as he can simply come right back (he also mocked them while he was at it, saying "Fools. How do you think I came from the Digital World in the first place?").

Ken was thus forced to use the dark power within him to convert a Digi-Port into a gateway to the Dark Ocean, through which Daemon was cast.

Impressed at Ken's power, Daemon did nothing but laugh and vowed to return as the portal closed around him, sealing him away in Dragomon's tainted dimension.

After Ordinemon is killed by Omnimon Merciful Mode, Dark Gennai states he will try again with Daemon and Diaboromon. Future


SkullSatamon t

SkullSatamon was a follower of Daemon and appeared in Tokyo just after Christmas, to find Ken. He and LadyDevimon found the Ichijouji apartment.

They reported back to their master and, the next day, terrorized the city along with MarineDevimon in order to lure Ken out. As MarineDevimon and LadyDevimon attacked the waters and highways, respectively, SkullSatamon attacked the main city, drawing the DigiDestined to him.

Though he had to deal with MetalGreymon, MegaKabuterimon and Paildramon, he easily defeated them with his superior speed.

Paildramon digivolved to Imperialdramon, but SkullSatamon was more curious and intrigued than intimidated and attacked him immediately following his digivolution, using his Nail Bone attack to corrupt his data and leave him paralyzed, as he knew he could not compete with a Mega Digimon.

The other DigiDestined and their Digimon arrived, but were unable to do any better, and soon de-digivolved. SkullSatamon then grabbed a nearby bus full of children, and hoisted it into the air, threatening to use it to destroy both the Digimon and the children.

The rest of the Digimon then transferred their energy to Imperialdramon, freeing him and allowing him to mode change to Imperialdramon Fighter Mode.

SkullSatamon mocked the new Digimon, only to be obliterated by it in a single blast with his Positron Laser Attack while still holding the bus in the air, which Imperialdramon then safely caught.


LadyDevimon t

LadyDevimon is one of three servants of Daemon.

LadyDevimon arrived in the Real World on the night of December 25, only to start attacking the next day.

She would encounter Aquilamon and Angewomon. After effortlessly dispatching Aquilamon with her Evil Wing, LadyDevimon gets into another hair-pulling, slapping catfight with Angewomon. The two exchange insults, with LadyDevimon calling Angewomon "blondie" and Angewomon referring to LadyDevimon as "witch." The two grapple fiercely in the air, and LadyDevimon overpowered Angewomon by twisting both of Angewomon's arms against her sides. She only retreated when WereGarurumon and Garudamon arrived.

Later she resurfaced and tried to take Ken Ichijouji from the grasp of Yukio Oikawa.

She continually batted the truck with beams from her eyes, making Oikawa call her a "pain". She was relentless on her mission, only stopping when she had Silphymon to deal with.

Their battle was evenly matched for some time. However, by sunset, LadyDevimon proved more powerful and took one of the teenage boys that had gathered around the area where Silphymon had crashed due to the beating it had taken, using him as a human shield to keep a battered Silphymon from fighting back.

But Yolei, furious, struck LadyDevimon in the back with the boy's skateboard, causing her to drop him. Yolei told LadyDevimon off for fighting dirty, but LadyDevimon didn't care and lunged at Yolei with the intent of killing her, only to force the Aquilamon side of Silphymon to break his promise and destroy LadyDevimon.


MarineDevimon t

MarineDevimon was a member of the Daemon Corps that served Daemon. He first appeared on December 26, in the waters of Tokyo Bay, to menace a cruise ship on which a wedding was taking place.

Takeru "T.K." Takaishi helped the ship's passengers get to safety, as Cody Hida, Submarimon and Angemon battled MarineDevimon. When Ikkakumon arrived and Digivolved into Zudomon, MarineDevimon used his arms to shield himself from the Vulcan's Hammer.

He then submerged and used his ink to cloak his escape, for fear of having to deal with three Digimon at once.

MarineDevimon reared his head again by nightfall on Daemon's order to take Ken Ichijouji from Yukio Oikawa but he had Shakkoumon to deal with.

As the two behemoths fought by a hospital, T.K., Cody and Joe's brother went in to help evacuate the patients.

When one of MarineDevimon's tentacles smashed through one of the hospital's windows, intending to take a hostage, Cody screamed and Shakkoumon used his Justice Beam attack, which completely obliterated the demon.

Other Appearances[]

In the chapter "The Deadly Struggle with the Dark Digimon" of the game Digimon Tamers: Digimon Medley, the Daemon Corps make up the minions of the level, with Daemon himself as the final boss.

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