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D5 And The Brotherhood Of Evil
バグラ兄弟, 暗黒の絆!
(Bagura Kyoudai, Ankoku no Kizuna!)
"Bagra Brothers, The Bonds of Darkness!"
Airdate (Ja:) September 11, 2011
(En:) August 9, 2015
Toei Animation
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The Fusion Fighters United Army arrives at the true Bagra Fortress, ready for the ensuring battle. They are met by the fortress's guards, and Shoutmon asks how Mikey would like to greet them. Mikey responds by going full force, unleashing Shoutmon X7. AxeKnightmon listens as they fight and then approaches Ewan for his power. Ewan refuses to help, understanding the true nature of the Digital World with Damemon's death. AxeKnightmon realizes that he cannot control Ewan as his puppet, so he decides to turn him into a human battery to power the Darkness Loader. Ewan attempts to escape, but Tyutyumon stops him, so AxeKnightmon successfully puts Ewan to sleep. He leaves Tyutyumon to guard Ewan as he heads to see Lord Bagra. AxeKnightmon presents the completed Dark Stone to him. Lord Bagra declares that this would be the day for D5 and then questions his little brother about the nuisance at his front gate. AxeKnightmon tell him they would be a good way to show his new power, and Lord Bagra agrees, absorbing the Dark Stone into himself.

When all of the forces are defeated, a bell tolls, heralding the arrival of Lord Bagra. Shoutmon X7 immediately unleashes a storm of attacks to no avail. Lord Bagra tosses him aside and defuses him. He then explains what D5 truly is: the day where he takes all of space-time, destroys it, and then fuses it together with him as ruler of all. Mikey remembers that Lord Bagra had the power to influence dimensions, being the one who pushed him, Shoutmon, Angie, and Jeremy back to the Human World. With the Dark Stone, he is able to take his right arm and pierce the walls between worlds, with his hand in the Human World. With his other hand, he is able to defend against further attacks and split the earth. Mikey falls into one of the resulting cracks, though with Mervamon and Knightmon to protect him.

Back in the Human World, only a few minutes has passed since Mikey returned to the Digital World, due to the time dilation between the worlds. Jeremy and Angie lament being forced to be left behind, just as Lord Bagra's arm reaches into the world. Everything his hand passes turns to stone, from buildings to even humans. Jeremy and Angie flee the encroaching darkness until a voice calls out to them. At the same time, Mikey is exploring the corridors he found himself in, looking for a way to return to the battle. He discovers a place where human DigiPower is being gathered, realizing that it means Ewan in nearby.

Meanwhile, Lord Bagra reveals that it was Tactimon and the sword he left behind who allowed him to reach into the Human World. Christopher manages to make it to his feet and confront Lord Bagra, who reveals that he really did choose Christopher as his champion, as AxeKnightmon did to Ewan and Omnimon did to Mikey. He considers Christopher a failure, while Christopher disagrees and commands ZekeGreymon and OmniShoutmon to attack. Lord Bagra manages to block their attacks but takes damage on his left arm in the process. Unfortunately, he reveals that with the Code Crown under his power, he can simply heal. Lord Bagra then prepares to counterattack and, in that instant where both his arms are occupied, AxeKnightmon strikes and literally stabs Lord Bagra in the back. Lord Bagra tells him that it's not enough, and AxeKnightmon agrees. He responds by forced digifusing Lord Bagra to him, becoming Darkest AxeKnightmon.

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance. Bolded characters are fought by the protagonist(s), and italicized characters feature non-explicitly, e.g. voice, silhouette, image.)

Humans Rookie Champion Ultimate Mega Xros


6-52 Analyzer-01 JP

Bagra Pandæmonium
6-52 Analyzer-02 JP
Bagra Army
6-52 Analyzer-03 JP
Bagra Army
6-52 Analyzer-04 JP
Bagra Army

6-52 Analyzer-05 JP

Human World, Tokyo, Kōtō
6-52 Analyzer-06 JP
Legendary Digimon
6-52 Analyzer-07 JP
Bagra Army

Digimon Data Collection

DataCollection-Whamon Whamon
Type: Sea Animal
Special Moves
Blasting Spout
Tidal Wave
Whamon ddc
Mikey: "This is an Ultimate-level Sea Animal Digimon, and it's so big that normal computers can't crunch its data. Its attacks are Blasting Spout and Tidal Wave. Did you guess Whamon?"
Monitamon 1: "I guess BigFishymon, so that's close enough, right? I just wanna know what they eat 'cause I'm trying to decide if I should go to the beach or not."
Monitamon 2: "For the last time, it's not a fish, all right? And it doesn't eat Monitamon."
Monitamon 3: "Well don't go swimming in its tank and you don't have to worry about it."

DataCollection-Whamon Whamon
Type: Aquatic
Special Moves
Jet Arrow
Whamon ddc
Monitamon 1: "Whamon. It's one of the largest Digimon known."
Monitamon 2: "You could build cities in its mouth!"
Monitamon 3: "Scary!"


(Number indicates order of occurrence.)

Shoutmon 1 OmniShoutmon 3 Shoutmon X7 10 OmniShoutmon OmniShoutmon 12 Shoutmon OmniShoutmon 13 Shoutmon
Shoutmon t Arrow R.png OmniShoutmon t Arrow R.png Shoutmon X7 t Arrow R Red.png OmniShoutmon t OmniShoutmon t Arrow R Red.png Shoutmon t OmniShoutmon t Arrow R Red.png Shoutmon t
(w/ ZekeGreymon, Ballistamon,
Dorulumon, Starmon,
Pickmons, Sparrowmon)
+ ZekeGreymon, Ballistamon,
Dorulumon, Sparrowmon
MetalGreymon 1 ZekeGreymon 3 Shoutmon X7 10 ZekeGreymon 13 MetalGreymon
MetalGreymon (2010 anime) t Arrow R.png ZekeGreymon t Arrow R.png Shoutmon X7 t Arrow R Red.png ZekeGreymon t Arrow R Red.png MetalGreymon (2010 anime) t
(w/ OmniShoutmon, Ballistamon,
Dorulumon, Starmon,
Pickmons, Sparrowmon)
+ OmniShoutmon, Ballistamon,
Dorulumon, Sparrowmon
Ballistamon 3 Shoutmon X7 10 Ballistamon
Ballistamon t Arrow R.png Shoutmon X7 t Arrow R Red.png Ballistamon t
(w/ OmniShoutmon, ZekeGreymon,
Dorulumon, Starmon,
Pickmons, Sparrowmon)
+ OmniShoutmon, ZekeGreymon,
Dorulumon, Sparrowmon
Dorulumon 3 Shoutmon X7 10 Dorulumon
Dorulumon t Arrow R.png Shoutmon X7 t Arrow R Red.png Dorulumon t
(w/ OmniShoutmon, ZekeGreymon,
Ballistamon, Starmon,
Pickmons, Sparrowmon)
+ OmniShoutmon, ZekeGreymon,
Ballistamon, Sparrowmon
Starmon 3 Shoutmon X7
Starmon (2010 anime) t Arrow R.png Shoutmon X7 t
(w/ OmniShoutmon, ZekeGreymon,
Ballistamon, Dorulumon,
Pickmons, Sparrowmon)
Silver Pickmons 3 Shoutmon X7
Pickmon (Silver) t Arrow R.png Shoutmon X7 t
(w/ OmniShoutmon, ZekeGreymon,
Ballistamon, Dorulumon,
Starmon, Sparrowmon)
Sparrowmon 3 Shoutmon X7 10 Sparrowmon
Sparrowmon t Arrow R.png Shoutmon X7 t Arrow R Red.png Sparrowmon t
(w/ OmniShoutmon, ZekeGreymon,
Ballistamon, Dorulumon,
Starmon, Pickmons)
+ OmniShoutmon, ZekeGreymon,
Ballistamon, Dorulumon
Apollomon Whispered 11 Apollomon
Apollomon Whispered t Arrow R Blue.png Apollomon t
AxeKnightmon 15 Darkest AxeKnightmon
AxeKnightmon t Arrow R.png 6-53 Darkest AxeKnightmon
(w/ Bagramon)
Bagramon 15 Darkest AxeKnightmon
Bagramon t Arrow R.png 6-53 Darkest AxeKnightmon
(w/ AxeKnightmon)


There are currently no quotes for this episode.

Other notes

Dubbing changes

  • The following scenes are removed from the American English version:
    • Mervamon and Knightmon attacking the guards, with the humans following.
    • A visual explanation for the Japanese meaning of D5.
    • Flashback to Zamielmon right before he is defeated.
    • Flashback to a dying Apollomon Whispered turning back into Apollomon.
    • Flashback to OmniShoutmon piercing Tactimon.

Digimon references

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