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A D-Terminal

The D-Terminal is a palmtop computer used by the DigiDestined in Digimon Adventure 02. Although it is a normal item from the Real World, it can store multiple Digi-Eggs, allowing the DigiDestined to use multiple Armor evolutions; this is an unexpected advantage that the Digimon Sovereigns did not expect the DigiDestined to have. Their original and primary use is to allow instant messaging between the DigiDestined, old and new.

A D-Terminal toy was released during the run of the show, whose main feature was a Digimon Analyzer that provided basic data on 351 Digimon, many of which had not appeared in the anime. The lid of the toy had a decoding chart for the English alphabet of DigiCode, and the toy included a "Digi-Words" application that would translate English text into DigiCode. D-3's and original Digivices could also link to the D-Terminal, allowing the two devices to battle, or letting the D-Terminal look up information on the Digimon contained in the virtual pet. There were also two additional mini-game applications.