Game Requirements[]

A 50-Card Deck for each player.


Players shuffle the opponent's deck, then both draw 3 cards. Flip a coin to see who goes first.

Battle Call Command Phase[]

Both players place one Digimon in their hand face down on the play field. They then reveal their Digimon at the same time. The players compare their Digimon's battle types: Ability beats Crush, Crush beats Energy and Energy beats Ability. Spirit beats all other battle types. In the case of both Digimon having the same Battle Type, compare the Digimon's Digimon Power to see who is higher.

The winner places the winning card in their D-Dock. The loser discards their card to the discard pile. The player whose turn it is proceeds to the Digivolve phase.

Digivolve Phase[]

The players may follow the Special Effects of the card and digivolve it to a higher level at this time (Rookie to Champion to Ultimate to Mega). If you have a Spirit Digimon in your D-Dock, you can combine it with another D-Dock Digimon and add up their Digimon Power numbers.

Digi-Battle Phase[]

The player whose turn it is may attack an opponent with a Digimon in their D-Dock. The defender may defend with a D-Dock Digimon, a Spirit Digimon from their hand, or a Digimon from their hand with the same elemental attribute as the Digimon attacking them. If the defender cannot do any of this, the attacker does his Digimon Power amount of damage to his opponent's deck. For each Power Point, one card from the defender's deck is discarded. If the defender blocks the attack, the Digimon with the highest Digimon Power number wins. The player that wins the battle discards his Digimon to their Score area to add a point. The loser discards his Digimon to the discard pile.

Player ends their turn and play shifts to other player.

How To Win[]

The player with the highest number of points at the moment when either player runs out of cards wins the game.

Battle Type[]

Battle Types are represented by symbols in the upper left-hand corner of each card. The four types are Energy, Ability, Crush, and Spirit.

Digimon Power[]

The Digimon Power value is a number in the upper right hand corner.

Special Effect[]

Many cards have Special Effect text which affects the game in some way.


Cards' elemental attributes are indicated by the background image. The elemental attributes are Wind, Fire, Wood, Water, Thunder, Earth, Dark, Light, Ice, and Steel.

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