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In this mode, the player can search for Digimon stored in through 5 different methods. Not counting different Mode Changes and X-Antibody forms, there are 572 Digimon available in this mode.

Search by Name

Database Name D-Spirit2.png

Search by Number

Database Number D-Spirit2.png

Search by Level

Database Level D-Spirit2.png

Search by Digi-Digit

Database Digi-Digit D-Spirit2.png

If the player search for a Digimon using Digi-Digit in D-Spirit 2, not only the currently entered Digi-Digit D-Spirit will be stored, the Digi-Digit of another random Digimon will also be revealed. However, Digi-Digit revealed by such way may only be valid on D-Spirit 2 but not on D-Spirit or D-Tector.

Search by Connecting with another handheld electronic device

Database Connect D-Spirit2.png

The player can scan Digimon from US/Eu/Asia devices that have 'Scan' or 'Trade' function included in their 'Connect' menu.

Digimon searchable in Database Mode
(All information included in the table below is copied verbatim from the device itself, including names and terminology. However, lowercase letters are used here for the ease of reading, even though D-Spirit 2 itself only uses upppercase letters.)
# Sprite (Neutral) Sprite (Attack) Name Level Group Type Technique 1 Technique 2 Digivolve Digi-Digit
(Highlighted Digi-Digits also work in D-Tector and D-Spirit)
001 Koromon D-Spirit.png Koromon attack D-Spirit.png Koromon In-Training-2 Micro Digimon Unidentified Bubble Blow Unidentified ILD48
002 Tsunomon D-Spirit.png Tsunomon attack D-Spirit.png Tsunomon In-Training-2 Micro Digimon Unidentified Bubble Blow Unidentified Y0F7P
003 Yokomon D-Spirit.png Yokomon attack D-Spirit.png Yokomon In-Training-2 Micro Digimon Unidentified Bubble Blow Unidentified 45KTM
004 Motimon D-Spirit.png Motimon attack D-Spirit.png Motimon In-Training-2 Micro Digimon Unidentified Bubble Blow Unidentified 63A68
005 Tanemon D-Spirit.png Tanemon attack D-Spirit.png Tanemon In-Training-2 Micro Digimon Unidentified Bubble Blow Unidentified
006 Bukamon D-Spirit.png Bukamon attack D-Spirit.png Bukamon In-Training-2 Micro Digimon Unidentified Bubble Blow Unidentified HXF84
007 Tokomon D-Spirit.png Tokomon attack D-Spirit.png Tokomon In-Training-2 Micro Digimon Unidentified Bubble Blow Unidentified X5E8J
008 Agumon D-Power EU.png Agumon attack D-Power EU.png Agumon Rookie Reptile Digimon Vaccine Pepper Breath Claw Attack VSJK1
File:Agumon X PenX.png Agumon X attack PenX.png Agumon(X-Antibody) Champion Reptile Digimon Vaccine Baby Burner Unidentified
009 Gabumon D-Power EU.png Gabumon attack D-Power EU.png Gabumon Rookie Reptile Digimon Data Blue Blaster Horn Attack 20LJY
010 Biyomon D-Spirit.png Biyomon attack D-Spirit.png Biyomon Rookie Bird Digimon Vaccine Spiral Twister Pecking Attack H3ZZU
011 Tentomon D-Spirit.png Tentomon attack D-Spirit.png Tentomon Rookie Insectoid Digimon Vaccine Super Shocker Talon Attack ZMDUZ
012 Palmon D-Spirit.png Palmon attack D-Spirit.png Palmon Rookie Vegetation Digimon Data Poison Ivy Stinking Attack 14OF5
013 Gomamon D-Spirit.png Gomamon attack D-Spirit.png Gomamon Rookie Sea Animal Digimon Vaccine Marching Fishes Claw Attack D3CDD
014 Patamon D-Tector.png Patamon attack D-Tector.png Patamon Rookie Mammal Digimon Data Boom Bubble Slamming Attack C4RWQ
Patamon Bellyband D-Spirit.png Patamon Bellyband attack D-Spirit.png Patamon Bellyband Rookie Mammal Digimon Data Boom Bubble Slamming Attack
015 Kuwagamon D-Power EU.png Kuwagamon attack D-Power EU.png Kuwagamon Champion Insectoid Digimon Virus Scissor Claw Power Guillotine AHRZ7
Kuwagamon X PenX.png Kuwagamon X attack PenX.png Kuwagamon(X-Antibody) Champion Insectoid Digimon Virus Crunch Claw Unidentified TGINK
016 Greymon D-Power EU.png Greymon attack D-Power EU.png Greymon Champion Dinosaur Digimon Vaccine Nova Blast Great Horns Attack SPLNE
Greymon X PenX.png Greymon X attack PenX.png Greymon(X-Antibody) Champion Dinosaur Digimon Vaccine Mega Burst Unidentified
017 Shellmon D-Power EU.png Shellmon attack D-Power EU.png Shellmon Champion Sea Animal Digimon Data Hydro Blaster Slamming Attack No Data PU3E3
018 Garurumon D-Power EU.png Garurumon attack D-Power EU.png Garurumon Champion Animal Digimon Vaccine Howling Blaster Slamming Attack XB6CB
019 Seadramon D-Power EU.png Seadramon attack D-Power EU.png Seadramon Champion Sea Animal Digimon Data Ice Blast Ice Winder PZK9N
Seadramon X PenX.png Seadramon X attack PenX.png Seadramon(X-Antibody) Champion Sea Animal Digimon Data Ice Spear Unidentified
020 Monochromon D-Power EU.png Monochromon attack D-Power EU.png Monochromon Champion Dinosaur Digimon Data Volcanic Strike Slamming Attack UCAU9
Monochromon X PenX.png Monochromon X attack PenX.png Monochromon(X-Antibody) Champion Dinosaur Digimon Data Tomahawk Crush Unidentified LOKTD
021 Birdramon Digivice.png Birdramon attack Digivice.png Birdramon Champion Bird Digimon Vaccine Meteor Wing Fire Flapping
022 Meramon D-Power EU.png Meramon attack D-Power EU.png Meramon Champion Fire Digimon Data Fireball Roaring Flame No Data 0GOVQ
023 Kabuterimon Digivice.png Kabuterimon attack Digivice.png Kabuterimon Champion Insectoid Digimon Vaccine Electro Shocker Beetle Horn Attack O3NJN
024 Andromon D-Power EU.png Andromon D-Power EU.png Andromon Ultimate Android Digimon Vaccine Lightning Blade Gatling Attack FL80V
025 Togemon Digivice.png Togemon attack Digivice.png Togemon Champion Vegetation Digimon Data Needle Spray Light Speed Jabbing MR63N
026 Numemon D-Tector.png Numemon attack D-Tector.png Numemon Champion Mollusk Digimon Virus Party Time Smash No Data WH5A4
027 Monzaemon D-Power EU.png Monzaemon attack D-Power EU.png Monzaemon Ultimate Puppet Digimon Vaccine Hearts Attack Hug No Data WVQMI
028 Ikkakumon Digivice.png Ikkakumon attack Digivice.png Ikkakumon Champion Sea c Digimon Vaccine Harpoon Torpedo Heat Top MR63N
029 Unimon D-Spirit.png Unimon attack D-Spirit.png Unimon Champion Mythical Animal Digimon Vaccine Aerial Attack Horn Blaster No Data MBGAW
030 Leomon D-Power EU.png Leomon attack D-Power EU.png Leomon Champion Animal Digimon Vaccine Fist of the Beast King Beast Sword HCKP4
031 Ogremon D-Power EU.png Ogremon attack D-Power EU.png Ogremon Champion Evil Digimon Virus Pummel Whack Born Cudgel No Data KJKD7
032 Devimon Digivice.png Devimon attack Digivice.png Devimon Champion Evil Digimon Virus The Touch of Evil Evil Wing No Data 2SL65
033 Frigimon D-Power EU.png Frigimon attack D-Power EU.png Frigimon Champion Icy Digimon Vaccine Subzero Ice Punch Snow Ball No Data 8FEUJ
034 Mojyamon D-Spirit.png Mojyamon attack D-Spirit.png Mojyamon Champion Rare Animal Digimon Vaccine Ice Cloud Bone Boomerang No Data F1FD8
035 Sukamon D-Spirit.png Sukamon attack D-Spirit.png Sukamon Champion Mutant Digimon Virus Bomber Smash U6P4K
036 Centarumon D-Power EU.png Centarumon attack D-Power EU.png Centarumon Champion Animal Digimon Data Solar Ray Jet Gallop No Data L3FQI
037 Bakemon D-Power EU.png Bakemon attack D-Power EU.png Bakemon Champion Ghost Digimon Virus Night Claw Evil Charm No Data
038 Elecmon D-Power EU.png Elecmon attack D-Power EU.png Elecmon Rookie Mammal Digimon Data Super Thunder Strike Body Attack No Data Y2KI6
039 Botamon D-Spirit.png Botamon attack D-Spirit.png Botamon In-Training-1 Micro Digimon Unidentified Bubble Blow Unidentified 6AZU3
040 Punimon D-Spirit.png Punimon attack D-Spirit.png Punimon In-Training-1 Micro Digimon Unidentified Bubble Blow Unidentified T0ER2