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The D-Spirit is an LCD device that was developed and released by Bandai Asia, exclusively in south-east Asian (excluding Japan) and Oceanian markets. Its main purpose is to be a database companion for the Digimon Frontier anime and the international D-Tector line of LCD devices, like the D-Terminal was for Digimon Adventure 02 and the D-3 line. Unlike the D-Terminal and like the D-Gather, it is an original design that is not based on any items from any pre-existing Digimon media.

The D-Spirit contains 526 Digimon (575 in version 2.0), and has the ability to scan Digimon from Digi-Digits.

An update to D-Spirit was released, titled D-Spirit 2. Like the first version of the D-Spirit, the D-Spirit Version 2 combines the database function of the D-Terminal with a quest mode. With this model, the quest is inspired by the Pendulum X and D-Cyber.

Database Mode[]

Brings up various statistics and an image of all Digimon released up through Frontier. Bandai Asia names are used for all Digimon. (Example: Gaioumon becomes Samudramon.)

Quest Mode[]

When you start quest mode, there are three characters you can select. The default character has high Power, but average Speed and HP. The girl has high Speed, but average Power and HP. The goggle boy has high HP, but average Power and Speed.

There are five numbered Trailmon you can then board. This determines your starting spirit.

1 – Beetlemon 2 - Lobomon 3 - Kumamon 4 – Agunimon 5 - Kazemon

Walk around with the D-Pad, or press L+R to view the Status / Map / Exit screen. Status shows power, speed, HP, and level of the spirits currently in your possession. The map is self-explanatory – a grid map. Exit goes back to the main menu.

Battles are simple. Using a 16 point meter, you can attack, recover, change spirits, or run away. Attacking allows you to select a power level, depending on the spirit type…

Human – 1-6 Beast – 1-10 Advance – 1-12 KaiserGreymon and MagnaGarurumon - 1-16 (Maximum)

The higher the power level you select, the harder the next phase will be. It plays much like one round of Simon. The screen shows a button diagram, and you must memorize then copy the commands. If you mess up, the attack will not be as strong, depending on how many times you mess up.

Recovering allows you to increase HP, even if you are just starting the battle. You can use as many points as needed out of your 16 no matter which spirit type you're using.

Changing spirits is just that, but you require more than one.

When walking through the areas, one of several events can occur:

Standard Battle: Battle a Child, Adult, Perfect, or Ultimate non-boss Digimon.

Human Boss Battle: Battle the area's human Hybrid. Defeat him/her to obtain their spirit and open the beast Hybrid's lair in another area (Except Darkness, which will open Velgmon's lair).

Trailmon: This happens when you find one of the two Trailmons in all areas (Except the Final area). Press U to enter the Trailmon and go to the next area. The Trailmons travel through the areas in a set pattern.

Beast Boss Battle: Battle the area's beast Hybrid. This happens when you approach a cave. Defeat him/her to obtain their spirit. Once all five main beast Hybrids (BurningGreymon, KendoGarurumon, Korikakumon, Zephyrmon, MetalKabuterimon) are defeated, you will be warped by Duskmon to the previously inaccessible Darkness area.

Seraphimon: After defeating Velgmon, Seraphimon appears, and you will activate your starting Hybrid's Advance form, and enter the Final area.

After Seraphimon (Without Zeta): If you don't have all 20 Spirits, you have to defeat Cherubimon, Dynasmon, and Crusadermon in the Final area (which is the size of four maps) before facing the Legendary Warriors of Fire, Light, Ice, Wind, Thunder, and Darkness (Two per cave).

After Seraphimon (With Zeta): If you have all 20 Spirits, you will still have to accomplish the goals above, but you will have the aid of the Zeta (Extra) Hybrids KaiserGreymon and MagnaGarurumon to do so.