D-Reaper ADR-05: Creep Hands
(デ・リーパー ADR-05: クリープハンズ)
ADR-05 t
Level None[1]
Type Grappling
Attribute None
Family D-Reaper Zone
Cards (Ja:) Bo-85t

The ADR-05: Creep Hands is a Grappling Agent. It is a medium-sized offensive unit, which uses its spiral-shaped, stretchable arms for locomotion and hand-to-hand combat.[2]


  • Rasen no Benwan (螺旋の鞭腕? lit. "Helix Whipping Arm")
  • Squeeze Vine[3]


ADR-05 is a medium-sized creatures with a rib cage-like torso and spiral-shaped, stretchable arms. Like most Agents, it is connected to the D-Reaper by red wires similar in function to an umbilical cord when operating outside of it.


D-Reaper ADR-05: Creep Hands (デ・リーパー ADR-05: クリープハンズ)

Official romanization given by the Chiaki J. Konaka's digimontamers resources and used in the franchise.


It was designed by Shinji Aramaki.[2]


Digimon Tamers

Notes and references

  1. D-Reaper ADR-05's None level is treated as equivalent to the Ultimate level in the Digital Monster Card Game.
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  3. ADR-05 shares this technique with Weedmon.
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