Curimon is a Slime Digimon. It is a Fresh Digimon characterized by the single horn on its brow and its frill. It is so active that, before it is even born, its Digi-Egg bounces, and after hatching, it moves around vigorously. The horn on its brow and the frill on its head are still immature and soft, and although they cannot be used in battle yet, they help it to keep its balance while moving around and to defend itself even when hit.[3]


  • Bubbles[4] ( Awa?): Heroically threatens approaching enemies by producing bubbles.


Curimon is a small, spherical white Digimon with black eyes, a small ceratopsian-based frill with red markings on its forehead, and a red-tipped white horn on its brow.


Curimon (クリモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.

  • (Ja:) Kurikuri (くりくり? lit. "big and round").


Vital Bracelet Digivice -V-[]

Curimon can digivolve to Gurimon.

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