Cthyllamon is a Fairy Digimon. Cthyllamon resides in the depths of the Net Ocean. In the pitch black waters, only the skull on its chest is visible, appearing to float eerily through the darkness. This has earned Cthyllamon the alternative title, Phantom of the sea (海の死霊 Umi no shiryō?, lit. "Shiryō of the ocean"). This Digimon has a crafty disposition, and does not join fights of its own volition, instead brainwashing weaker aquatic Digimon and using them to fight on its behalf. Cthyllamon is seen very rarely and resembles MarineAngemon in many ways, but it is unknown whether there is any connection between the two.[1]


  • Ocean Hell: Uses an aura of endless terror as unknowable as the dark depths of the ocean to sap its enemies of their will to fight. Digimon that suffer this attack are sometimes reduced to Cthyllamon's puppets.
  • Buccal Rush: Opens its mouth wide and attacks using its three whip-like tongues.
  • Aqua Grinder: Creates fierce whirlpools that bore into enemies' bodies like a drill, displaying a destructive power that one would never imagine such a tiny creature capable of.


Cthyllamon resembles MarineAngemon, though instead is demonic. It is blue, has two short ears, yellow slanted eyes, a jagged mouth with staples closing part of it on either side, part of its arms is stapled to it with some sort of black material, its tail is covered in a bandage, it has a skull pattern on its chest, wears a belt around its neck, and has demonic wings.

It has three whip-like tongues.[1]


Cthyllamon (クティーラモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.


Cthyllamon was first teased in December 15, 2022 as a silhouette, being announced as an unrevealed raiseable Digimon for the upcoming Jellymon BEMemory for the Vital Bracelet BE.[2]


Digimon Ghost Game[]

Water Ghost The Call

Vital Bracelet BE — Jellymon[]

Cthyllamon digivolves from Thetismon, Scorpiomon X, BlackKingNumemon, and Majiramon.

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